Polly Pocket (2018) (2018)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Polly is often told she is "TOO LITTLE" to do the things she wants to do, but Polly proves what every kid knows - that being little isn't a limitation; IT'S HER GREATEST STRENGTH. When Polly Pocket inherits a magic locket that allows her to shrink to 4" tall, she embraces her pocket-sized powers and finds the upside of shrinking is BIG ADVENTURES and making a BIG DIFFERENCE for her and her best friends. Read More



Episode 26: Unlocketing the Past (Part 2)
Episode 25: Unlocketing the Past (Part 1)
Episode 24: Gwen the Great
Episode 23: Spa Daze
Episode 22: Tiny Escape
Episode 21: A Yacht of Problems
Episode 20: Brotherly Love
Episode 19: Socially Awkward
Episode 18: A Little Fright
Episode 17: Snowball Effect
Episode 16: Short Cuts
Episode 15: Pocket Poltergeist
Episode 14: Swimsational
Episode 13: A Night to Remember (Part 2)
Episode 12: A Night to Remember (Part 1)
Episode 11: The Badgering
Episode 10: Sugar Rush
Episode 9: Club Flub
Episode 8: The Con Job
Episode 7: Mission Ring: Impossible
Episode 6: Mummy I Shrunk the Kid
Episode 5: Super Tiny Fly
Episode 4: Doggone Disaster
Episode 3: Bumpy Ride
Episode 2: Tiny Power (Part 2)
Episode 1: Tiny Power (Part 1)