Please Like Me (2013)


Plot: After breaking up with his girlfriend, Josh comes to the realization that he is homosexual. With the support of his now ex girlfriend Claire, and his best friend and house mate Tom, Josh must help his mother with her battle with depression and the rest of his family embrace his new found orientation. All of this becomes a little more complicated when he explores his sexuality with a young and handsome Geoffrey. Read More



Episode 6: Souvlaki
Episode 5: Burrito Bowl
Episode 4: Degustation
Episode 3: Beluga Caviar
Episode 2: Porridge
Episode 1: Babaganoush
Episode 10: Christmas Trifle
Episode 9: Champagne
Episode 8: Amoxicillin
Episode 7: Puff Pastry Pizza
Episode 6: Pancakes With Faces
Episode 5: Coq au Vin
Episode 4: Natural Spring Water
Episode 3: Croquembouche
Episode 2: Simple Carbohydrates
Episode 1: Eggplant
Episode 10: Margherita
Episode 9: Skinny Latte
Episode 8: Truffled Mac and Cheese
Episode 7: Scroggin
Episode 6: Lapin a La Cocotte
Episode 5: Sausage Sizzle
Episode 4: Gang Keow Wan
Episode 3: Parmigiana
Episode 2: Ham
Episode 1: Milk
Episode 6: Horrible Sandwiches
Episode 5: Spanish Eggs
Episode 4: All You Can Eat
Episode 3: Portuguese Custard Tarts
Episode 2: French Toast
Episode 1: Rhubarb And Custard