Pie in the Sky (1994)


Genre: Comedy , Crime , Drama

Plot: Detective Inspector Henry Crabbe, an intelligent, sensible, and mild-mannered man, would like nothing better than to retire from the police force and devote his time and energy to the restaurant that he wants to open. However, Assistant Chief Constable Fisher won't allow this to happen because this would expose his own stupidity and ineptitude to the unwelcome attention of his superiors. So, after a botched operation to try to catch a notorious criminal, Fisher devises a scheme that incriminates Henry, and, until he can solve this invidious dilemma, he must continue to serve at his boss's calling, whenever the need arises. Read More



Episode 8: Smelling of Roses
Episode 7: In the Smoke
Episode 6: The Apprentice
Episode 5: Return Match
Episode 4: Cutting the Mustard
Episode 3: Pork Pies
Episode 2: Ugly Customers
Episode 1: Squashed Tomatoes
Episode 6: Gary's Cake
Episode 5: Breaking Bread
Episode 4: New Leaf
Episode 3: Chinese Whispers
Episode 2: Devils on Horseback (2)
Episode 1: Devils on Horseback (1)
Episode 6: Coddled Eggs
Episode 5: This Other Eden
Episode 4: Doggett's Coat and Badge
Episode 3: Irish Stew
Episode 2: Game Pie
Episode 1: Money Talks
Episode 10: Lemon Twist
Episode 9: The Mystery of Pikey
Episode 8: The Mild Bunch
Episode 7: Swan in His Pride
Episode 6: Black Pudding
Episode 5: Dead Right
Episode 4: The One That Got Away
Episode 3: The Policeman's Daughter
Episode 2: Brown Bread
Episode 1: Hard Cheese
Episode 10: Endangered Species
Episode 9: Who Only Stand and Wait
Episode 8: A Matter of Taste
Episode 7: Passion Fruit Fool
Episode 6: Undesirable Elements
Episode 5: A Shot in the Dark
Episode 4: Once a Copper
Episode 3: An Innocent Man
Episode 2: The Truth Will Out
Episode 1: The Best of Both Worlds