Petticoat Junction (1963)


Plot: Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo, and Betty Jo Bradley are three sisters living with their Uncle Joe who owns the family hotel, and is always coming up with zany ideas. Their whole town revolves around the train "The Cannon Ball". The show also includes Kate (the mother), Steve (Betty Jo's boyfriend) and Sam Drucker (Store Keeper) who is also in "Green Acres". Read More



Episode 26: Betty Jo's Business
Episode 25: No, No, You Can't Take Her Away
Episode 24: Love Rears Its Ugly Head
Episode 23: Last Train to Pixley
Episode 22: Whiplash, Whiplash
Episode 21: Spare That Cottage
Episode 20: Susan B. Anthony, I Love You
Episode 19: Steve's Uncle George
Episode 18: The Valley's New Owner
Episode 17: With This Ring...
Episode 16: Selma Plout's Plot
Episode 15: How to Arrange a Marriage
Episode 14: But I've Never Been in Erie, PA
Episode 13: The Golden Spike Ceremony
Episode 12: Goodbye, Mr. Chimp
Episode 11: Kathy Jo's First Birthday
Episode 10: The Camping Trip
Episode 9: A Most Momentous Occasion
Episode 8: Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Taking No Shots
Episode 7: The Tenant
Episode 6: The Glen Tinker Caper
Episode 5: The Three Queens
Episode 4: One of Our Chickens is Missing
Episode 3: The Other Woman
Episode 2: The Game Warden
Episode 1: Make Room for Baby
Episode 26: By the Book
Episode 25: Tune in Next Year
Episode 24: The Great Race
Episode 23: The Organ Fund
Episode 22: Uncle Joe Retires
Episode 21: I'm Allergic to Daddy
Episode 20: Joe Saves the Post Office
Episode 19: A Man Called Cyrus Plout
Episode 18: The Cannonball Bookmobile
Episode 17: Steve's New Job
Episode 16: Billie Jo and the Big Big Star
Episode 15: The Christening
Episode 14: The Ballad of the Everyday Housewife
Episode 13: The Feminine Mistake
Episode 12: A Cake from Granny
Episode 11: First Night Out
Episode 10: Bye, Bye, Doctor
Episode 9: The Strange Case of Joseph P. Carson
Episode 8: The Sneaky Ways of a Woman Who Is Both Beautiful and Smart
Episode 7: The Lady Doctor
Episode 6: Wings
Episode 5: Granny, the Baby Expert
Episode 4: The Valley Has a Baby
Episode 3: Only a Husband
Episode 2: The Singing Sweethearts
Episode 1: Birthplace of a Future President
Episode 30: Kate's Homecoming
Episode 29: Ring-a-Ding-Ding
Episode 28: My Pal Sam
Episode 27: Cannonball for Sale
Episode 26: Bad Day at Shady Rest
Episode 25: Mae's Helping Hand
Episode 24: Billie Jo's First Record
Episode 23: Uncle Joe Runs the Hotel
Episode 22: Girl of Our Dreams
Episode 21: Higgins Come Home
Episode 20: The Barber Shop Quartet
Episode 19: Steve, the Apple Polisher
Episode 18: The Power of the Press
Episode 17: All Sales Final
Episode 16: All That Buzzes Ain't Bees
Episode 15: Uncle Joe and the Master Plan
Episode 14: Kate's Day in Court
Episode 13: A Horse On You, Mr. Bedloe
Episode 12: The Honeymoon is Over
Episode 11: Kate's Birthday
Episode 10: Hawaii Calling
Episode 9: With This Gown I Thee Wed
Episode 8: Meet the In-Laws
Episode 7: Mind If We Join Your Wedding
Episode 6: A Cottage for Two
Episode 5: Pop Goes the Question
Episode 4: You Know I Can't Hear You When the Thunder is Clapping
Episode 3: One Dozen Roses
Episode 2: It's Not Easy to Be a Mother
Episode 1: Is This My Daughter?
Episode 32: Go Away, Fat
Episode 31: A House Divided
Episode 30: Kate's Cousin Mae
Episode 29: The Eternal Rectangle
Episode 28: That Was the Night That Was
Episode 27: Steve's Ol' Buddy
Episode 26: Author! Author!
Episode 25: Kate's Big Deal
Episode 24: The Fishing Derby
Episode 23: That's Max?
Episode 22: Hey, Look Me Over
Episode 21: Don't Call Us
Episode 20: Shoplifter at the Shady Rest
Episode 19: A Star is Born
Episode 18: Temperance, Temperance
Episode 17: Girls! Girls! Girls!
Episode 16: His Highness the Dog
Episode 15: The Rise and Fall of a Tycoon
Episode 14: My Daughter the Secretary
Episode 13: The Santa Claus Special
Episode 12: Is There a Doctor in the Valley?
Episode 11: The Runt Strikes Back
Episode 10: Twenty-Five Years Too Late
Episode 9: How Bugged Was My Valley
Episode 8: The Almost Annual Charity Show
Episode 7: Kate Grounds Selma Plout
Episode 6: Cannonball, Inc.
Episode 5: The All-Night Party
Episode 4: He Loves Us, He Loves Us Not
Episode 3: Hooterville, You're All Heart
Episode 2: Birdman of Shady Rest
Episode 1: Young Love
Episode 34: Betty Jo's Bike
Episode 33: Hooterville Valley Project
Episode 32: The Young Matchmakers
Episode 31: Every Bachelor Should Have a Family
Episode 30: Whatever Happened to Betty Jo?
Episode 29: Kate Bradley, Peacemaker
Episode 28: Kate Sells the Hotel
Episode 27: Second Honeymoon
Episode 26: The Windfall
Episode 25: War of the Hotels
Episode 24: It's Not the Principle, It's the Money
Episode 23: The Invisible Mr. Dobble
Episode 22: Jury at the Shady Rest
Episode 21: The County Fair
Episode 20: Only Boy in the Class
Episode 19: Yogurt, Anyone?
Episode 18: Billie Jo's Independence Day
Episode 17: Betty Jo Catches the Bouquet
Episode 16: Better Never Than Late
Episode 15: The Butler Did It
Episode 14: What's a Trajectory?
Episode 13: Uncle Joe Plays Post Office
Episode 12: The Crowded Wedding Ring
Episode 11: Bedloe's Successor
Episode 10: Betty Jo Goes to New York
Episode 9: Hooterville Hurricane
Episode 8: Hooterville A-Go-Go
Episode 7: A Doctor in the House
Episode 6: Bobbie Jo's Sorority
Episode 5: Joe Carson, General Contractor
Episode 4: The Good Luck Ring
Episode 3: The Dog Turns Playboy
Episode 2: The Baffling Raffle
Episode 1: Dear Minerva
Episode 36: There's No Business With Show Business
Episode 35: The Hairbrained Scheme
Episode 34: The Brontosaurus Caper
Episode 33: There's No Stove Like an Old Stove
Episode 32: Why Girls Leave Home
Episode 31: The Chicken Killer
Episode 30: Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Jinx?
Episode 29: The Mayor of Hooterville
Episode 28: Bedloe Gets His Comeuppance
Episode 27: Bedloe's Most Fiendish Scheme
Episode 26: The Black Box
Episode 25: A Tale of Two Dogs
Episode 24: The Shady Rest Hotel Corporation
Episode 23: A Borderline Story
Episode 22: Visit From the Governor
Episode 21: Modern Merchandising
Episode 20: For the Birds
Episode 19: Hooterville Crime Wave
Episode 18: Kate Bradley, Girl Volunteer
Episode 17: A Matter of Communication
Episode 16: Billie Jo's First Job
Episode 15: There's No Flame Like an Old Flame
Episode 14: The Curse of Chester W. Farnsworth
Episode 13: Smoke-Eaters
Episode 12: The Lost Patrol
Episode 11: Mother of the Bride
Episode 10: Kate's Bachelor Butter
Episode 9: Bedloe's Nightmare
Episode 8: Betty Jo's Pen Pal
Episode 7: The Great Buffalo Hunt
Episode 6: My Dog the Actor
Episode 5: As Hooterville Goes
Episode 4: The Umquaw Strip
Episode 3: Have Library, Will Travel
Episode 2: Race Against the Stork
Episode 1: Betty Jo's Dog
Episode 38: The Genghis Keane Story
Episode 37: Kate, Flat on Her Back
Episode 36: Cave Woman
Episode 35: Local Girl Makes Good
Episode 34: Bedloe and Son
Episode 33: A Millionaire for Kate
Episode 32: Dog Days at Shady Rest
Episode 31: Charley Abandons the Cannonball
Episode 30: Kate and the Dowager
Episode 29: Kate, the Stockholder
Episode 28: The Hooterville Flivverball
Episode 27: The Ladybugs
Episode 26: Kate and the Manpower Problem
Episode 25: The Talent Contest
Episode 24: Behind All Silver, There's a Cloud Lining
Episode 23: Betty Jo's First Love
Episode 22: The Art Game
Episode 21: The Very Old Antique
Episode 20: Last Chance Farm
Episode 19: Visit from a Big Star
Episode 18: Hooterville vs. Hollywood
Episode 17: My Daughter, the Doctor
Episode 16: Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik
Episode 15: Herbie Gets Drafted
Episode 14: Cannonball Christmas
Episode 13: A Night at the Hooterville Hilton
Episode 12: Honeymoon Hotel
Episode 11: Uncle Joe's Replacement
Episode 10: Bedloe Strikes Again
Episode 9: The Little Train Robbery
Episode 8: Kate's Recipe for Hot Rhubarb
Episode 7: The Ringer
Episode 6: Please Buy My Violets
Episode 5: The Courtship of Floyd Smoot
Episode 4: Is There a Doctor in the Roundhouse?
Episode 3: The President Who Came to Dinner
Episode 2: Quick, Hide the Railroad
Episode 1: Spur Line to Shady Rest