People Magazine Investigates (2016)


Genre: Documentary , Crime

Plot: Investigation Discovery and People magazine partner to re-examine some of the most high profile crime cases in recent history. The one-hour series brings viewers tales of betrayal, buried secrets and unsung heroes, ripped from the pages of one of the nation's top weekly magazines. These stories transcended news and became part of pop culture, revealing shocking twists, new evidence, and unexpected resolutions. Interlaced within every episode are exclusive interviews with People's journalists, archival footage, re-creations, and firsthand accounts by those closest to the investigations. Read More



Episode 5: Blood Ties
Episode 4: The Delphi Killer
Episode 3: Flight Risk
Episode 1: Highway of Horrors
Episode 12: Motor City Murder
Episode 11: Suburban Secrets
Episode 10: Oklahoma Horror Story
Episode 9: The Cheerleader and The Hitman
Episode 8: Nine Years in the Shadows
Episode 7: Law & Murder
Episode 6: Memphis Blues
Episode 5: A Killing in Chinatown
Episode 4: The Freeway Phantom
Episode 3: Without a Trace
Episode 2: Vanished
Episode 1: The Springfield Three
Episode 13: The Sound of Silence
Episode 12: Monster in the Desert
Episode 11: Children of Thunder
Episode 10: The Unicorn Killer
Episode 9: Murder on Newberry St.
Episode 8: Fatal Family Secrets
Episode 7: Gone Girls
Episode 6: Murder Among Friends
Episode 5: Mystery in the Swamp
Episode 4: Fallen Angels
Episode 3: Gone in 90 Seconds
Episode 2: Terror in Philadelphia
Episode 1: Somebody's Watching
Episode 1: Golden State Killer