Penn & Teller: Fool Us (2011)


Genre: Comedy , Game-show , Mystery

Plot: A highly entertaining and thrilling one-hour competition series celebrating magic and featuring the legendary magician duo Penn and Teller. On each episode, aspiring magicians from all around the world are invited to perform their best trick to try and fool the two. To avoid spoiling the tricks, when Penn and Teller are able to guess how the contestants' magic works, they usually explain it in code, and when the contestants do manage to fool them, they are rewarded with a guest spot on their famous magic show in Las Vegas. At the end of each episode, P&T also perform one of their own impressive tricks. British television and radio personality Jonathan Ross served as host until 2016, when Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) star Alyson Hannigan took over as the new charming host. Read More

Next Episode 7x22 Date: Mar 5th



Episode 21: Back to the Future
Episode 20: Niagara Fools
Episode 19: Penn & Teller Go For a Spin
Episode 18: Teller Gets Smashed
Episode 17: Jedi Mind Tricks
Episode 16: Teller vs Penn: The Rematch
Episode 15: Penn & Teller Go For the Juggler
Episode 14: Magic with a Property Brother
Episode 13: Jaws of Death
Episode 12: Lord of the Ring
Episode 11: Say Hello to My Little Ball Pit Troll
Episode 10: Deep Fake Penn
Episode 9: The Placebo Effect
Episode 8: Brad Sherwood's Nuts
Episode 7: Penn's Stupid Rope Trick
Episode 6: P&T in 3D... Glasses
Episode 5: Watermelon Surgery
Episode 4: Teller Talks!!!
Episode 3: Fool Us: The Home Game
Episode 2: Teller vs Penn
Episode 1: Third Time's the Charm
Episode 14: Merry Fool Us
Episode 13: Virtual Reality
Episode 12: Magic Is Bad For Your Health
Episode 11: The Mind Noodler
Episode 10: Magical Moxie
Episode 9: Magic Meatballs
Episode 8: 2nd Chance Foolers
Episode 7: Are You Better Magicians Than a 6th Grader?
Episode 6: Duck! It's Alyson!
Episode 5: Penn & Teller Hit the Streets
Episode 4: Penn & Teller Cure the Common Code
Episode 3: Penn & Teller vs Inventors
Episode 2: They're Baaack!
Episode 1: David Copperfield vs Penn & Teller
Episode 13: Let's Hear It for the Kids
Episode 12: Never Trust a Magician
Episode 11: The Fool Us Zone
Episode 10: Penn & Teller Keep You in Suspense
Episode 9: Teller's Gambling Problem
Episode 8: Here Lie Penn & Teller
Episode 7: Imagine (Magic) Dragons
Episode 6: Penn & Teller Against the World
Episode 5: Psych!!
Episode 4: Here Comes the Magic
Episode 3: Penn & Teller Get Loopy
Episode 2: The Rematch
Episode 1: Penn the Magic Dragon
Episode 13: Hanging Out with Penn & Teller
Episode 12: Penn & Teller & Dracula
Episode 11: Penn Does the Heavy Lifting
Episode 10: Monkey Business
Episode 9: Penn & Teller Are Full of Hot Air
Episode 8: I Dream of Genie Tube
Episode 7: A Big Round of Applause for Alyson
Episode 6: Something Fishy This Way Comes
Episode 5: Does This Trick Ring a Bell?
Episode 4: 50/50 Chance
Episode 3: Teller Flips a Bird
Episode 2: Penn, Teller and a Mind Reading Chicken
Episode 1: Penn & Teller Teach You a Trick
Episode 13: Can Penn & Teller Fool Penn & Teller
Episode 12: Penn and Teller Rip for Your Pleasure
Episode 11: Penn & Teller Get Trapped
Episode 10: To Tea or Not to Tea?
Episode 9: The Great Escape
Episode 8: Here's Moxie!
Episode 7: Juggle, Juggle, Penn's in Trouble
Episode 6: Penn & Teller Snake Their Chances
Episode 5: You Dirty Rathead!
Episode 4: Penn Plays With Fire
Episode 3: Penn & Teller Have A Blast
Episode 2: Jesse Eisenberg Gets Carded
Episode 1: Won't Get Fooled Again...?
Episode 13: An Egg-Cellent Trick
Episode 12: Penn & Teller Ring Someone's Neck
Episode 11: Teller Deflowers a Shadow
Episode 10: Where There's Smoke There's Magic
Episode 9: Star Spangled Magic
Episode 8: Teller Plays with a Full Deck
Episode 7: Penn's Favorite Card Trick
Episode 6: Now THAT'S Bunny!
Episode 5: Mission Impossi-Ball
Episode 4: Knife of the Party
Episode 3: Shoot to Kill
Episode 2: The Invisi-Ball Thread
Episode 1: Phone-y Business
Episode 8: Water Tanks for the Memories
Episode 7: A Bellyful of Needles
Episode 6: The Magic of Polyester
Episode 5: Penn Gets Nailed
Episode 4: Teller Is a Blockhead
Episode 3: Solid Goldfish
Episode 2: Stab a Card, Any Card...
Episode 1: Teller Sucks... Helium