Pee-wee's Playhouse (1986)


Genre: Family , Comedy , Musical

Plot: Each show, Pee-Wee Herman comes to his wonderful playhouse where anything can happen. Whether it be screaming at the secret word, entertaining friends like Cowboy Curtis and Ms. Yvonne, or enjoying animation clips presented by the King of Cartoons or the stories of the claymation girl, Penny; there's always lots of fun things to do. Read More



Episode 10: Playhouse For Sale
Episode 9: Something To Do
Episode 8: Camping Out
Episode 7: Fun, Fun, Fun
Episode 6: Accidental Playhouse
Episode 5: Playhouse Day
Episode 4: Tango Time
Episode 3: Front Page Pee-wee
Episode 2: Mystery
Episode 1: Conky's Breakdown
Episode 10: I Remember Curtis
Episode 9: Let's Play Office
Episode 8: Chairry Tee Drive
Episode 7: Heat Wave
Episode 6: Rebarella
Episode 5: Miss Yvonne's Visit
Episode 4: Sick, Did Somebody Say Sick?
Episode 3: Love That Story
Episode 2: Fire In the Playhouse
Episode 1: Dr. Pee-wee and the Del Rubios
Episode 2: To Tell the Tooth
Episode 1: Reba Eats and Pterri Runs
Episode 10: Pajama Party
Episode 9: Playhouse In Outer Space
Episode 8: Spring
Episode 7: School
Episode 6: Tons Of Fun
Episode 5: Why Wasn't I Invited?
Episode 4: Pee-wee Catches A Cold
Episode 3: Store
Episode 2: Puppy In The Playhouse
Episode 1: Open House
Episode 13: Party
Episode 12: The Gang's All Here
Episode 11: Stolen Apples
Episode 10: The Cowboy and the Cowntess
Episode 9: Monster In The Playhouse
Episode 8: Ants in Your Pants
Episode 7: Restaurant
Episode 6: Beauty Makeover
Episode 5: Just Another Day
Episode 4: Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Episode 3: Rainy Day
Episode 2: Luau for Two
Episode 1: Ice Cream Soup