Parasyte -the maxim- (2014)


Genre: Animation , Action , Horror , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: The 16-year-old Izumi Shinichi lives with his mother and father in a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo. One night, worm-like aliens called Parasytes invade Earth, taking over the brains of human hosts by entering through their ears or noses. One Parasyte attempts to crawl into Shinichi's ear while he sleeps, but fails since he is wearing headphones, and enters his body by burrowing into his arm instead, taking over his right hand and is named Migi. Because Shinichi was able to prevent Migi from traveling further up into his brain, both beings retain their separate intellect and personality. As the duo encounter other Parasytes, they capitalize on their strange situation and gradually form a strong bond, working together to survive. This gives them an edge in battling other Parasytes, who frequently attack the pair upon realization that Shinichi's human brain is still intact. Shinichi feels compelled to fight other Parasytes, who devour humans as food, while enlisting Migi's help. Read More



Episode 24: Parasyte
Episode 23: Life and Oath
Episode 22: Quiescence and Awakening
Episode 21: Sex and Spirit
Episode 20: Crime and Punishment
Episode 19: In Cold Blood
Episode 18: More Than Human
Episode 17: The Adventure of the Dying Detective
Episode 16: Happy Family
Episode 15: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Episode 14: The Selfish Gene
Episode 13: Hello Sadness
Episode 12: Kokoro
Episode 11: The Blue Bird
Episode 10: What Mad Universe
Episode 9: Beyond Good and Evil
Episode 8: Freezing Point
Episode 7: Dark Night's Passing
Episode 6: The Sun Also Rises
Episode 5: The Stranger
Episode 4: Disheveled Hair
Episode 3: Feast
Episode 2: Demon in the Flesh
Episode 1: Metamorphosis