Paranormal Witness (2011)


Genre: Documentary , Horror , Mystery

Plot: From Raw TV, the acclaimed creative team behind "Locked Up Abroad" and "Gold Rush Alaska", this tense, filmic and high-octane drama-documentary series brings to life the stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. Using the mixture of intimate first-hand testimony and grittily realistic drama that Raw TV is known for, "Paranormal Witness" will transport the audience into a world turned upside down by extraordinary and terrifying events. "Paranormal Witness" is produced by Raw TV. Executive producers: Dimitri Doganis and Bart Layton. Read More



Episode 13: The Night Ward
Episode 12: The Mojave Encounter
Episode 11: The Hotel
Episode 10: The Jail
Episode 9: The Ranch
Episode 8: The Pit
Episode 7: Nebraska Fiend
Episode 6: The Mothman Curse
Episode 5: Zozo
Episode 4: The Contract
Episode 3: From H.E.L.L.
Episode 2: They Are Mine
Episode 1: Voodoo Preacher
Episode 13: Ashes to Ashes
Episode 12: Beneath the Rock
Episode 11: When Hell Freezes Over
Episode 10: The Real Conjuring
Episode 9: The Fireplace
Episode 8: Sacred Ground
Episode 7: Demon House
Episode 6: The Dark Pond
Episode 5: Poppy's Revenge
Episode 4: Suzy Doll
Episode 3: The Molech
Episode 2: Nightmare on Chestnut Street
Episode 1: The Motel
Episode 16: The Coven
Episode 15: The Innocent
Episode 14: Through the Eyes of a Killer
Episode 13: A Ghostly Affair
Episode 12: The House on the Lake
Episode 11: The Lynchville Secret
Episode 10: The Saint of Death
Episode 9: The Wolf Pack
Episode 8: The Bad Man
Episode 7: The Manson Curse
Episode 6: The Hospital Hauntings
Episode 5: Deliver Us From Evil
Episode 4: Dining With the Dead
Episode 3: The Curse of Lonergan Farm
Episode 2: The Lost Boy
Episode 1: The Long Island Terror
Episode 12: The Tenants
Episode 11: The Good Skeleton/Hollywood Sign Haunting
Episode 10: The Cabin/Ghost in the Garden
Episode 9: The Abduction
Episode 8: Fox Hollow Farm
Episode 7: The Real Haunting in Connecticut
Episode 6: The Apartment
Episode 5: Lady on the Stairs
Episode 4: The Dybbuk Box
Episode 3: Capitol Theater Haunting
Episode 2: Brooklyn Haunting
Episode 1: Man in the Attic
Episode 6: The Rain Man
Episode 5: The Dangerous Game; Trumbull County UFO
Episode 4: The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion
Episode 3: The Poltergeist; Watched in the Wilderness
Episode 2: Haunted Highway; Kentucky UFO Chase
Episode 1: Emily the Imaginary Friend; The Lost Girl