Paradise Run (2016)


Genre: Game-show , Reality-tv

Plot: Paradise Run puts teamwork to the test in a beautiful tropical setting. Each week, three teams of two compete in the ultimate vacation challenge! Read More



Episode 30: High Octane Run
Episode 29: A Supersized Run
Episode 28: Big Run, Big Prize
Episode 27: A Prize Packed Run
Episode 26: Supersized Prizes in Paradise
Episode 25: A Modern Wimpy Fuller Run
Episode 24: Going for the Gold
Episode 23: Big Time Run
Episode 22: Athletes in Paradise
Episode 21: Fresh Off the Run
Episode 20: Rumble Run
Episode 19: A Superstar Showdown
Episode 18: Punching in Paradise
Episode 17: Paradise Raw-n
Episode 16: Paradise on the Ropes
Episode 15: Outrigger Run
Episode 14: Shark Tooth Surprise
Episode 13: Paradise Island Run
Episode 12: Island in Paradise
Episode 11: Shark Tooth Island Run
Episode 10: Game Shaking Up the Run
Episode 9: Clash of the Nick Celebs
Episode 8: School of Rockin' in Hawaii
Episode 7: Thunder-Quad, Assemble!
Episode 6: Paradise Quad Clash
Episode 5: Game on Game Shakers
Episode 4: A Rockin' Run With Thunder
Episode 3: Run Shakin'
Episode 2: Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Run
Episode 1: Thunder on the Run
Episode 20: Can You Hear Me Now?
Episode 19: Volcano a Go-Go
Episode 18: Very Important Party
Episode 17: Salute Your Frozen Butt
Episode 16: Skip, Drip & Zip
Episode 15: Paradise Express
Episode 14: Zip, Launch, & Fly
Episode 13: The Butt Squeeze
Episode 12: Something's Fishy
Episode 11: What's My Flavor?
Episode 10: Crazy Lei, Crazy Time
Episode 9: Forgive You Not!
Episode 8: Lava Reception
Episode 7: I Scream for Ice Cream
Episode 6: Whose Underwear Is That?
Episode 5: A Nick Showdown in Paradise
Episode 4: NRDD in the House
Episode 3: Thundermans in Paradise
Episode 2: NRDD Run for Charity
Episode 1: It's All About the Thunder-man!