Ozzy & Drix (2001)


Genre: Animation , Short , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: OZZY & DRIX, based on the breakout characters from the feature film "Osmosis Jones," is an animated inner-body, buddy-cop comedy which follows the adventures of white blood cell cop Ozzy and his partner, over-the-counter cold pill Drix, as they defend the City of Hector, the body of a 13-year-old boy. The second season of Ozzy & Drix amplifies their infectious humor with Ozzy's in-your-face antics and Drix's knowledgeable yet clueless wit as they continue to take on whatever comes their way, regardless of how small or simple a situation may appear in the outside world of Hector. Only they know what really happens "skin deep" and what it takes to always be on 24-hour alert, whether it be the sprouting of Hector's first whisker, a rowdy encounter with the Testosterone gang, an unexpected appendicitis attack or the long-awaited visit from Drix's Auntie Histamine. With their headquarters behind Hector's cornea, these partners have established their "private eye" agency... hoping to keep Hector safe from the many changes and dangers associated with adolescence. This bod-squad will get a reality-check as Officer Maria Amino carries on as their ally and lovably obnoxious Mayor Spryman continues to live vicariously through Hector by clutching onto his adolescent attempt to make Hector popular. Ozzy also will introduce everyone to his new navigational system # Backseat, a neurotic yet extremely funny know-it-all # and the worst backseat driver ever! Ozzy & Drix's second season will bring more eye-popping excitement in the City of Hector as they cruise around in a cilia-powered "Cel Camino." This one-of-a-kind pair of problem-solvers are ready to fight for what's right -- on a cellular level. Read More



Episode 13: Cavities (aka Journey to the Center of the Tooth)
Episode 12: Nature Calls
Episode 11: Double Dose (aka Ozzy and Ozzy)
Episode 10: Supplements (aka Triumph of the Supplements)
Episode 9: A Cold Day in Hector
Episode 8: A Growing Cell
Episode 7: Aunti Histamine
Episode 6: Tricky Ricardo
Episode 5: Puberty Alert
Episode 4: The Conqueror Worm
Episode 3: Lights Out!
Episode 2: An Out of Body Experience (2)
Episode 1: An Out of Body Experience (1)
Episode 13: The Dream Factory
Episode 12: Sugar Shock
Episode 11: Growth
Episode 10: Ozzy Jr.
Episode 9: The Globfather
Episode 8: Where There's Smoke
Episode 7: Gas of Doom
Episode 6: Street Up
Episode 5: Oh My Dog
Episode 4: A Lousy Haircut
Episode 3: Strep-Finger
Episode 2: Reflex
Episode 1: Home with Hector