Outback Wrangler (2011)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Big country. Big crocs. Big man. Aussie chopper pilot and animal rescuer Matt Wright is taking on the biggest crocs yet. Over eight brand-new episodes, Matt is joined by his long time mates John ‘Johno’ Brown and Chris ‘Willo’ Wilson. Together they relocate dozens of crocs, including some of the biggest Matt has ever caught. With big machinery, airboats, helicopters and the harpoon, the action never stops in this breath-taking rumble in the jungle. Read More



Episode 8: Don't Rock the Boat
Episode 7: Croc Out of Water
Episode 6: Ranch Rampage
Episode 5: Croc in the Hole
Episode 4: Castaway Croc
Episode 3: Calamity Croc
Episode 2: Tourist Trap
Episode 1: Fly Away Croc
Episode 8: Croc Stalker
Episode 7: Croc Stakeout
Episode 6: Jaws Strike Back
Episode 5: Aerial Attack
Episode 4: The Croc That Ate a Boat
Episode 3: Appetite for Destruction
Episode 2: Croc at the Door
Episode 1: To Catch a Giant
Episode 8: Not Today, Not Tomorrow
Episode 7: A Truckload of Crocs - Part 3
Episode 6: A Truckload of Crocs - Part 2
Episode 5: A Truckload of Crocs - Part 1
Episode 4: 48 Hours in the Swamp - Part 2
Episode 3: 48 Hours in the Swamp - Part 1
Episode 2: Finnis River Station
Episode 1: Big Crock