Otherworld (1985)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Plot: While sightseeing in Egypt, the Sterling family gets lost wandering around inside a pyramid. Once they manage to find their way out of the labyrinth like interior, the Sterlings discover that they've been transported from Earth to another planet, where the people aren't the friendliest beings in the galaxy. Now the Sterling family must make their way to the province of Imar, where Signpost Astrologers may be able to help them find their way home. Read More



Episode 8: Princess Metra
Episode 7: Mansion of the Beast
Episode 6: I am Woman, Hear Me Roar
Episode 5: Village of the Motorpigs
Episode 4: Rock and Roll Suicide
Episode 3: Paradise Lost
Episode 2: The Zone Troopers Build Men
Episode 1: Rules of Attraction