Operation Ouch! (2012)


Genre: Documentary , Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: Operation Ouch! is a British children's educational television series about the human body. It shows what happens in A&E, what doctors sometimes have problems with and great experiments. The show is hosted by twin brothers Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken. Series 5 was named "Operation Ouch! Hospital Takeover". Read More



Episode 1: Bones
Episode 7: What Thumbs Are For
Episode 6: How to Grow A Brain
Episode 5: Why Is Your Poo Brown?
Episode 4: Don't Pick Your Scabs!
Episode 3: What Makes You Go Yuck?
Episode 2: Why Do Bones Break?
Episode 1: What Makes You, You?
Episode 13: Flabbergasting Favourites
Episode 12: Tremendous Tears
Episode 11: Super Strong Skulls
Episode 10: Sensational Sphincters
Episode 13: What is an Allergy?
Episode 12: The World’s Stretchiest Skin
Episode 11: What a Stink?!
Episode 10: Your Bones Are Alive
Episode 9: Bruised or Broken?
Episode 8: Episode 8
Episode 7: Episode 7
Episode 6: Don't Be Sick in the Sky!
Episode 5: Your Connected Body
Episode 4: The Coolest Feet in Town
Episode 3: Secret Lifesavers
Episode 2: Your Brilliant Brain
Episode 1: Marvellous Muscles