Offspring (2010)


Plot: Born out of the telemovie of the same name, Offspring is a contemporary drama series about Nina Proudman, a thirtysomething obstetrician and her fabulously messy family. Following the Proudman family's adventures searching for love, fulfillment and balance in the chaos of modern life, Offspring is about the life forces that drive us all: love, sex, babies, food and music. Stylistically fresh and visually exciting, Offspring mixes conventional narrative drama with flashbacks, graphic animation and fantasy sequences, showcasing the vibrant world of Fitzroy, Melbourne, where Nina and the extended Proudman family go about their unpredictable daily lives. Read More



Episode 10: Episode 10
Episode 9: Episode 9
Episode 8: Episode 8
Episode 7: Episode 7
Episode 6: Episode 6
Episode 5: Episode 5
Episode 4: Episode 4
Episode 3: Episode 3
Episode 2: The End of an Era
Episode 1: Happy Geraldine Day
Episode 10: To the Best of My Ability
Episode 9: Tried and Tested
Episode 8: Sisters Aren't Doing It For Themselves
Episode 7: Just Keep Swimming
Episode 6: A Present from the Past
Episode 5: Breaking Point
Episode 4: Fallout
Episode 3: Getting to Know You
Episode 2: Doctor, Doctor
Episode 1: ...Make Lemonade
Episode 13: When Life Gives You Lemons...
Episode 12: Life Changing Decisions
Episode 11: Love, Pain and the Whole Damn Thing
Episode 10: Introduction
Episode 9: Return, Romance, Repeat
Episode 8: Expect the Unexpected
Episode 7: I'm Always Here
Episode 6: Emergencies
Episode 5: The Story of My Life
Episode 4: Winners and Losers
Episode 3: Moving On
Episode 2: When Sparks Fly
Episode 1: Back in the Game
Episode 13: The Bond Between Sisters
Episode 12: Goodbye Patrick
Episode 11: Dialing Up the Crazy
Episode 10: Matters of the Heart
Episode 9: Numbing the Pain
Episode 8: Freaking the Freak Out
Episode 7: Smoking Situations
Episode 6: Difficulty
Episode 5: The Things We Do for Love
Episode 4: Keeping It in the Family
Episode 3: Truth Time
Episode 2: Second Chances
Episode 1: Outside of the Comfort Zone
Episode 13: Pregnant Pause
Episode 12: Insecurity
Episode 11: Goodbye is Always Hard
Episode 10: The Aftermath
Episode 9: Chaos
Episode 8: One Night Stand Off
Episode 7: Drink, Drank, Drunk
Episode 6: Partners in Crisis
Episode 5: Allegations
Episode 4: Time
Episode 3: Fertility Woes
Episode 2: Secrets and Lies
Episode 1: Happiness is a Delusion
Episode 13: Proudman Wedding Curse
Episode 12: What Goes Around Comes Around
Episode 11: Complications
Episode 10: Acceptance
Episode 9: Just Keep Talking
Episode 8: Two Different Places
Episode 7: Cheating On Your Test
Episode 6: Behind Closed Doors
Episode 5: The Way You Are
Episode 4: Together We Are One
Episode 3: Dates, Decisions & Divorces
Episode 2: Baby Bumps
Episode 1: The Return
Episode 13: A New Miracle
Episode 12: Not As Planned
Episode 11: My Confessions
Episode 10: The Other Woman
Episode 9: Making Peace
Episode 8: Re-Unravel
Episode 7: Two Sisters
Episode 6: D-Day
Episode 5: Carpe Diem
Episode 4: Poison Ivy
Episode 3: Playing Aloof
Episode 2: The Uncomfortability
Episode 1: Taking Charge