Odyssey 5 (2002)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama , Mystery , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Five years into the future, five Odyssey astronauts and a NASA technician are setting up NASA's latest high tech satellite just outside of Earth's orbit. The five are: Chuck Taggart - a charismatic authoritative and stoic mission commander and former ace pilot, Kurt Mendel - a likable pompous horny quip-prone British science author and NASA's special celebrity guest on the flight who actually does know a lot about science and can be brave and cunning despite claiming otherwise, Neil Taggart - Chuck's young adult son and genuine computer expert, Sarah Forbes - a popular news anchor and TV reporter who's there to make an exclusive piece about the mission, and Angela Perry - Chuck's experienced co-pilot who's father is a powerful senator. Everything is going fine until the Earth is suddenly caught on fire and then implodes for no apparent reason. This horrifying mysterious event damages the crew's shuttle, which leads to the death of the technician and also leaves Angela badly hurt and unconscious. Just before their oxygen runs out, the crew is saved by a friendly alien AI construct, who calls himself the Seeker and who's been investigating similar planetary destructions for some time now. Since each destroyed planet was home to a developing civilization like human on Earth, the Seeker believes that someone or something is intentionally causing these catastrophes to happen with the goal of eradicating sentient life entirely. He asks the crew for help and they agree. The Seeker sends their consciousnesses through time and they all wake up on Earth five years in the past. This gives them the chance to find out who or what caused the destruction of Earth and stop it. However, the fact that they know the future and that they act on this knowledge causes slight changes and some things happen differently, which sometimes proves to be beneficial but at other times leads to tragedy. They also have new problems in their personal lives. Chuck can't convince his wife that he's seen the future, which jeopardizes their marriage. Also, his other son Marc tries to impress him by trying to become an astronaut despite the fact that he hates the job. Kurt tries to use his knowledge of the future for his personal benefit but it backfires. Neil is now a teenager again and has to go back to high school. Also, his girlfriend is now underage as well which makes things a bit awkward for him. Sarah's little son has died from cancer in the original timeline, so she does all she can to prevent this from happening this time. However, her obsession causes her husband at the time to think that she's insane and potentially dangerous for the boy. On the other hand, Sarah has to deal with the fact that her future husband is now just one of her coworkers, who's still with his future ex. Angela's ability to perform her duty is questioned after an accident caused by the time travel and there's danger that she won't be on the Odyssey mission in five years if she fails her psych test. Also, her father may or may not be somehow involved with what happens to Earth. The crew's favorite hangout place is a nice quiet local diner where they can consult one another and plan their next moves or simply unwind. They soon finds evidence of a major conspiracy but they'll have to dig much deeper to determine who's behind it, what it's goals are and whether or not it actually has anything to do with the future destruction of Earth. Their only clew is the word Leviathan that showed up on their shuttle's monitor just before Earth's destruction and suspects include human conspirators within NASA and the US government, powerful mysterious AI beings called Sentients and possibly even aliens. Due to cancellation, the show ends on an unresolved cliffhanger but some answers are given. Read More



Episode 20: Fossil
Episode 19: Rage
Episode 18: Half-Life
Episode 17: Follow the Leader
Episode 16: Vanishing Point
Episode 15: Begotten
Episode 14: Skin
Episode 13: The Trouble with Harry
Episode 12: Dark at the End of the Tunnel
Episode 11: Kitten
Episode 10: Flux
Episode 9: L.D.U.7
Episode 8: Rapture
Episode 7: The Choices We Make
Episode 6: Symbiosis
Episode 5: Time Out of Mind
Episode 4: Astronaut Dreams
Episode 3: The Shatterer
Episode 1: Pilot (1)