October Road (2007)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance

Plot: "October Road," an ABC drama series centers on a young, acclaimed novelist/screenwriter Nick Garret (Bryan Greenberg). Nick's best-selling novel is based on his hometown friends. He is at a crossroads in his life when he returns to his hometown to teach at the local university, and faces the family and friends he left behind. To the literary world he is a genius, but to his hometown he is a coward who betrayed their trust and their secrets. Now that he found a new job, Nick will have to deal with the past and try to move on with his life. Read More



Episode 13: As Soon as You Are Able
Episode 12: The Fine Art of Surfacing
Episode 11: Stand Alone By Me
Episode 10: Hat? No Hat?
Episode 9: We Lived Like Giants
Episode 8: Dancing Days Are Here Again
Episode 7: Spelling It Out
Episode 6: Revenge of the Cupcake Kid
Episode 5: Once Around the Block
Episode 4: Deck the Howls
Episode 3: The Infidelity Tour
Episode 2: How to Kiss Hello
Episode 1: Let's Get Owen
Episode 6: Best Friend Windows
Episode 5: Forever. Until Now
Episode 4: Secrets and Guys
Episode 3: Tomorrow's So Far Away
Episode 2: The Pros And Cons Of Upsetting The Applecart
Episode 1: Pilot