Nurses Who Kill (2016)


Genre: Documentary , Crime

Plot: The stories of some of the most prolific murderers and serial killers to walk hospital grounds across the globe. Often referred to as the ‘angels of the ward’ experts examine what turned these caregivers into killers. Read More



Episode 10: Alison Firth
Episode 9: Marie Whiston
Episode 8: Bunthawee Rimmer
Episode 7: Chaz Higgs
Episode 6: Thelma Purchase
Episode 5: Beverley James
Episode 4: Thomas Dunkley
Episode 3: Paul Novak
Episode 2: Sandra Weir
Episode 1: Karen Pedley
Episode 10: He Did What it Took to Kill
Episode 9: Nurses Who Kill
Episode 8: Press Send for Murder
Episode 7: Vengeance and Nursing Don't Go Together
Episode 6: The Killer Nurse Lurking in the Nursing Home
Episode 5: Theif, Conwoman, Nurse Killer
Episode 3: The Angel of Death
Episode 2: Matron Knows Best
Episode 1: Nurse, Thief, Womaniser... Killer
Episode 10: Charles Cullen
Episode 9: Victorino Chua
Episode 8: Colin Norris
Episode 7: Niels H
Episode 6: Kimberley Clark Saenz
Episode 5: Stephan Letter
Episode 4: Daniela Poggiali
Episode 3: Genene Jones
Episode 2: Ben Geen
Episode 1: Beverly Allitt