Not Safe with Nikki Glaser (2016)


Genre: Comedy , Reality-tv , Talk-show

Plot: Not Safe with Nikki Glaser blends interviews, experiments, and discussions about subjects revolving around sex, relationships, and the stuff nobody wants to talk about. Read More



Episode 20: 24 Hours in a Strip Club
Episode 19: Museum of Broken Relationships
Episode 18: Is This Forever?
Episode 17: Rock-Hard Weekend
Episode 16: Blind Date Champion
Episode 15: Mysteries of the Female Orgasm
Episode 14: Make America Horny Again
Episode 13: Really Real R&B
Episode 12: I Miss David Bowie
Episode 11: Is That Your Belt?
Episode 10: I Broke My Dick
Episode 9: Panty Sniffers
Episode 8: Get Her a Glass of Water
Episode 7: Your Wedding Sucks
Episode 6: Find My Boyfriend a Girlfriend
Episode 5: Don't Touch That Remote
Episode 4: Already Wet
Episode 3: I'm the Boat
Episode 2: Dick Moves
Episode 1: Carpe Do 'Em