Nostradamus Effect (2009)


Genre: Documentary , History

Plot: This series presents the most chilling prophecies generated over time by closely examining today's global events and relating them back to a particular prophecy. A number of experts will deconstruct the prophecies of Nostradamus and of others contained in the Bible, within mythology, hieroglyphs and other ancient texts to identify remarkable correlations between today's unfolding events and a particular prediction from history. Read More



Episode 12: The Rapture
Episode 11: Armageddon Battle Plan
Episode 10: Doomsday Hieroglyphs
Episode 9: Satan's Army
Episode 8: Fatima's Lost Prophecy
Episode 7: Secrets of the Seventh Seal
Episode 6: Son of Nostradamus
Episode 5: The Apocalypse Code
Episode 4: Hitler’s Blood Oath
Episode 3: Extinction: 2012
Episode 2: Da Vinci's Armageddon
Episode 1: The Third Antichrist?