New York Undercover (1994)


Genre: Crime , Drama

Plot: Filmed on location in New York, NYU is a show about a squad of young urban detectives, J.C. Williams and Eddie Torres who work the streets of New York undercover. Despite all the pain and troubles they go through with their lives, whether it involved their cases or home life, at the end of the day, they relax to the smooth music performed by different artists at Natalie's. Audiences fell in love with the show's plot lines and characters. The episodes had a realistic sense about it that made it one of the top ten shows that aired on fox. Season 1: In this season, Malik Yoba plays Detective J.C. Williams, a black man who is trying to put in life back in order again after his divorce from his ex wife, Chantal, played by Fatima Faloye. He is also trying to be a good father to his son, Gregory "G", (George O. Gore II) who is going through the motions of growing up and becoming a teenager. The one thing that he Read More



Episode 13: Catharsis
Episode 12: The Troubles
Episode 11: Going Native
Episode 10: Sign o' the Times
Episode 9: The Unusual Suspects
Episode 8: Capital Punishment
Episode 7: Quid Pro Quo
Episode 6: Rat Trap
Episode 5: Mob Street
Episode 4: Spare Parts
Episode 3: Pipeline
Episode 2: Drop-Dead Gorgeous
Episode 1: Change Change Change
Episode 24: The Last Hurrah
Episode 23: No Place Like Hell
Episode 22: Is It a Crime?
Episode 21: Vendetta
Episode 15: School's Out
Episode 14: The Solomon Papers
Episode 13: Fade Out
Episode 12: The Reaper
Episode 11: Brown Like Me
Episode 10: Going Platinum
Episode 9: Without Mercy
Episode 8: Don't Blink
Episode 7: Smack Is Back
Episode 6: Kill the Noise
Episode 5: Rules of Engagement
Episode 4: Blue Boy
Episode 3: Tough Love
Episode 2: A Time of Faith (2)
Episode 1: A Time of Faith (1)
Episode 26: If This World Were Mine (2)
Episode 25: Deep Cover (1)
Episode 24: No Greater Love
Episode 23: Andre's Choice
Episode 22: The Enforcers
Episode 21: The Reckoning
Episode 20: Unis
Episode 19: Checkmate
Episode 18: Sympathy for the Devil
Episode 17: Toy Soldiers
Episode 16: Fire Show
Episode 15: Bad Blood
Episode 14: A Time to Kill
Episode 13: Bad Girls
Episode 12: Internal Affairs
Episode 11: The Finals
Episode 10: Color Lines
Episode 9: Young, Beautiful and Dead
Episode 8: The Highest Bidder
Episode 7: Student Affairs
Episode 6: Buster and Claudia
Episode 5: Digital Underground
Episode 4: Brotherhood
Episode 3: Man's Best Friend
Episode 2: Tag, You're Dead
Episode 1: High on the Hog
Episode 26: Catman Comes Back
Episode 25: Downtown Girl
Episode 24: Manchild
Episode 23: The Shooter
Episode 22: Olde Thyme Religion
Episode 21: Eliminate the Middleman
Episode 20: All in the Family
Episode 19: CAT
Episode 18: Innocent Bystander
Episode 17: You Get No Respect
Episode 16: Mama Said Knock You Out
Episode 15: The Smoking Section
Episode 14: Private Enemy No. 1
Episode 13: Los Macheteros
Episode 12: Blondes Have More Fun
Episode 11: The Eyewitness Blues
Episode 10: Mate
Episode 9: The Friendly Neighborhood Dealer
Episode 8: Missing
Episode 7: Tasha
Episode 6: After Shakespeare
Episode 5: Garbage
Episode 4: To Protect and Serve
Episode 3: Sins of the Father
Episode 2: Pilot
Episode 1: School Ties