New Cutie Honey (1994)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Sci-fi

Plot: Cosplay City is in danger when the evil Dolmeck shows up. Commanding his army of monsters, he plans on destroying everything. Only one person can stop this: Cutey Honey. After she is released from her dormancy, Honey Kisaragi becomes the multi-transformational android Cutey Honey. However, the least is expected when Honey is faced with an old enemy from the past: Panther Zora. Read More



Episode 8: Temptation Shines Like Gold
Episode 7: Prison Is The Nest Of Evil
Episode 6: The Evil of Revenge
Episode 5: Challenge! The Fangs Of The Evil Sky Monster
Episode 4: The Death Of Honey? Battle For The Sacred Skyship!
Episode 3: A Singing Voice is the Devil's Temptation
Episode 2: The Sweet Trap Of The Jewel Princess
Episode 1: An Angel Descends