New Blood (2016)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Six years after a sinister drugs trial in India goes horribly wrong, a young teacher is found dead. Two investigators - trainee Detective Constable Arrash 'Rash' Sayyad and junior Serious Fraud Office investigator Stefan Kowolski - are separately drawn in, investigating different strands of the same case under the watch of their respective bosses, DS Derek Sands and Eleanor Davies. As a war begins to rage between two major pharmaceutical companies and with two hit-women on their trail, Rash and Stefan's paths unexpectedly cross, forcing them to join together to uncover the truth. Read More



Episode 7: Case 3 (2)
Episode 6: Case 3 (1)
Episode 5: Case 2 (2)
Episode 4: Case 2 (1)
Episode 3: Case 1 (3)
Episode 2: Case 1 (2)
Episode 1: Case 1 (1)