Nero Wolfe (2001) (2000)


Genre: Action , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Nero Wolf (Maury Chaykin), an eccentric orchid loving brilliant detective with a taste for fine cuisine, and his assistant: Archie Goodwin (Timothy Hutton), live in luxury in a brownstone in 1950's New York. Nero Wolf solves extremely difficult crimes while rarely leaving his mansion, relying on the footwork of Goodwin to gather his evidence. Wolf's rates are expensive, but his well-heeled clients are very eager to pay. The episodes are done in repertory, with an ensemble of actors each playing different characters in any particular episode. Read More



Episode 16: Immune to Murder
Episode 15: Cop Killer
Episode 13: The Silent Speaker (1)
Episode 12: Help Wanted, Male
Episode 11: Before I Die
Episode 9: Too Many Clients (1)
Episode 8: Poison a la Carte
Episode 6: Motherhunt (1)
Episode 5: Murder is Corny
Episode 4: Die Like a Dog
Episode 3: The Next Witness
Episode 1: Death of a Doxy (1)
Episode 11: Over My Dead Body (1)
Episode 10: Christmas Party
Episode 9: Door to Death
Episode 8: Disguise for Murder
Episode 7: Eeny, Meeny, Murder, Moe
Episode 6: Prisoner's Base (2)
Episode 5: Prisoner's Base (1)
Episode 4: Champagne for One (2)
Episode 3: Champagne for One (1)
Episode 2: The Doorbell Rang (2)
Episode 1: The Doorbell Rang (1)