Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved (2019)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Animal Planet audiences take a front-row seat to the demonstrations, experiments, and first-hand experience needed to solve NATURE'S STRANGEST MYSTERIES as a team of experts, including biologist Dan Riskin, zoologist Lucy Cooke, wildlife expert Bradley Trevor Greive and marine biologist Andrew Nosal, unpack each mystery to reveal the explanations behind these remarkable behaviors. Read More



Episode 24: Hot Cheetah
Episode 23: Giggling Rats
Episode 22: Elephants in the Room
Episode 21: Bug Mathematician
Episode 19: Octopus Throwdown!
Episode 18: Rattleless Rattlesnake
Episode 17: Unicorn of the Sea
Episode 16: Scorpion Night Lights
Episode 15: Stripeless Zebra
Episode 14: Disco Spider
Episode 13: Cuddly Shark
Episode 12: Snowboarding Crow
Episode 11: Big Cat Screaming Match
Episode 10: Crow Crime Scene
Episode 9: Animal Vandals
Episode 8: Critter Culprit
Episode 7: Octopus Houdini
Episode 6: Zombie Spider
Episode 5: Unscrambling Eggs
Episode 4: Aflocalypse Now
Episode 3: Held Hostage by a Humpback
Episode 2: Skyscraper Raccoon