Nathan for You (2013)


Plot: Self-proclaimed business expert, writer, director and comedian Nathan Fielder helps real small businesses turn a profit with marketing tactics that no ordinary consultant would dare to attempt. From driving foot traffic to an off-the-strip souvenir shop by using Hollywood flair and a Johnny Depp impersonator, to creating a rebate that can only be redeemed by climbing a mountain, to founding a coffee shop called "Dumb Starbucks,” Nathan has always gone to the limit to make his ideas come to life. With his unorthodox approach to problem solving, Nathan’s genuine efforts to do good often draw the real people he encounters into an experience far beyond what they signed up for. Read More



Episode 7: Finding Frances
Episode 6: Computer Repair / Psychic
Episode 5: Shipping Logistics Company
Episode 4: The Anecdote
Episode 3: Andy Vs. Uber
Episode 2: Chili Shop / Massage Parlor
Episode 1: The Richards Tip
Episode 8: The Hero
Episode 7: Nail Salon / Fun
Episode 6: Hotel / Travel Agent
Episode 5: Smokers Allowed
Episode 4: Sporting Goods Store / Antique Shop
Episode 3: The Movement
Episode 2: Horseback Riding / Man Zone
Episode 1: Electronics Store
Episode 8: Toy Company / Movie Theatre
Episode 7: Taxi Service / Hot Dog Stand
Episode 6: Dating Website / Party Planner
Episode 5: Dumb Starbucks
Episode 4: Liquor Store / Exterminator / Car Wash
Episode 3: Pet Store / Maid Service
Episode 2: Souvenir Shop / E.L.A.I.F.F.
Episode 1: Mechanic / Realtor
Episode 8: Private Investigator / Taxi Company
Episode 7: The Claw of Shame
Episode 6: Funeral Home / Burger Joint / Skydiving
Episode 5: Haunted House / The Hunk
Episode 4: Gas Station / Caricature Artist
Episode 3: Clothing Store / Restaurant
Episode 2: Santa / Petting Zoo
Episode 1: Yogurt Shop / Pizzeria