My Lottery Dream Home (2015)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Recent lottery winners look for their perfect dream house in this "House Hunters"-inspired reality show. David Bromstad takes recent lottery winners on over-the-top house hunts for their new dream homes. Whether they win hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions, lucky lottery winners everywhere are jumping headfirst into the real estate market. Will they spend all their winnings on an extravagant mansion or settle for a humble sound investment? Find out what happens when average Americans set out to find "My Lottery Dream Home". Read More



Episode 6: A Spacious Win
Episode 5: First-Time Forever Home
Episode 4: Holiday Extravaganza
Episode 3: Mountain High Dreams
Episode 2: The Lottery Queen
Episode 1: 500,000 Reasons To Party
Episode 12: The Love Nest
Episode 10: A Slice of New Jersey Paradise
Episode 9: Follow Your Nose
Episode 8: Bangor or Bust
Episode 7: Finding the Perfect Lake House
Episode 14: Million Dollar Mom
Episode 13: Beach House in Texas
Episode 12: Newlywed Charm
Episode 10: Newlywed Millionaires
Episode 9: Virginia Beach Forever
Episode 8: Make Me a Millionaire
Episode 7: Delaware Dream Home
Episode 4: Reinvention in Las Vegas
Episode 3: Some Like It Hotter
Episode 2: Lucky In Lafayette
Episode 1: Big Sky Dream Home
Episode 14: Lakeside Bonanza
Episode 12: Lucky in Las Vegas
Episode 10: New Love, New Home
Episode 9: Florida Windfall
Episode 8: The House Always Wins
Episode 4: Cabin Fever
Episode 3: A Hero's Reward
Episode 2: Payday in V-A
Episode 1: Old Florida Charm
Episode 15: A Home on the Cape: Revisited
Episode 14: IT Geek to Rich and Chic
Episode 13: Four-Million-Dollar Smile
Episode 9: Athol Family Dream Home
Episode 8: Moving on Up in California
Episode 7: Waterfront Windfall
Episode 4: Texas Beach House
Episode 3: Tallahassee Dream Team
Episode 2: Little Sister, Big House
Episode 1: My Lottery Dream Stable
Episode 13: My Big Fat Lottery Property
Episode 9: Million Dollar Bull's-Eye
Episode 2: Lakehouse Luxury
Episode 1: Florida Dreaming
Episode 5: A Mexican Dream
Episode 10: Sweet Dream Home Alabama
Episode 6: Florida Waterfront Winners
Episode 4: Scratch Me Lucky
Episode 3: Dream Home and Wedding Venue
Episode 2: A Lottery Winner's Dog House
Episode 1: A Big Home for a Big Prize