My Life as a Teenage Robot (2003)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: My Life as a Teenage Robot is an American animated science fantasy television series, created by Rob Renzetti for Nickelodeon. It was Nickelodeon's first animated science fiction fairy tale. The series follows the adventures of XJ-9, better known as Jenny Wakeman, a robot girl designed to protect Earth, who is excessively addicted to teen-related activities, which are almost always interrupted by Nora Wakeman, her creator and mother. Nickelodeon debuted the first episode on August 1, 2003. After the series was cancelled, later episodes of the series started airing as "never before seen episodes" on Nicktoons Network. The series is distributed outside the United States by the Canadian animation studio, Nelvana Limited. The first season is available on iTunes. All three seasons are available on DVD at Amazon, although it is unknown if Shout! Factory will release them elsewhere. Read More



Episode 13: Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers
Episode 12: Enclosure of Doom
Episode 11: A Spoonful of Mayhem
Episode 10: Never Say Uncle
Episode 9: Stage Fright
Episode 8: Tuckered Out
Episode 7: No Harmony with Melody
Episode 6: Historionics
Episode 5: Puppet Bride
Episode 4: Mist Opportunities
Episode 3: Girl of Steal
Episode 2: Good Old Sheldon
Episode 1: Teen Idol
Episode 13: A Pain in my Sidekick
Episode 12: Killgore
Episode 11: Armagedroid
Episode 10: Around the World in Eighty Pieces
Episode 9: Dancing with my Shell
Episode 8: Pajama Party Prankapalooza
Episode 7: Sister Sledgehammer
Episode 6: Teen Team Time
Episode 5: Love 'em or Leash 'em
Episode 4: Mind over Matter
Episode 3: Last Action Zero
Episode 2: Humiliation 101
Episode 1: Future Shock
Episode 13: The Return of Raggedy Android
Episode 12: The Great Unwashed
Episode 11: See No Evil
Episode 10: Speak No Evil
Episode 9: Party Machine
Episode 8: Unlicensed Flying Object
Episode 7: Ear No Evil
Episode 6: Doom with a View
Episode 5: Attack of the 5½ Ft. Geek
Episode 4: Class Action
Episode 3: Raggedy Android
Episode 2: Pest Control
Episode 1: It Came from Next Door