My Favorite Martian (1963)


Genre: Comedy , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: Exigius Twelve and a Half, an exoanthropologist from the planet Mars, becomes stranded on Earth after his one-man spaceship narrowly misses a NASA rocket plane and crashes near Los Angeles. The alien is rescued by Tim O'Hara, a newspaper reporter who explains the Martian to friends and authorities by introducing him as his Uncle Martin. "Uncle Martin" looks human, except when he extends his retractable antennae with which he can become invisible. His special powers and unusual illnesses present a constant challenge to Tim in his efforts to preserve his friend's cover. Read More



Episode 32: Pay the Man the $24
Episode 31: My Nut Cup Runneth Over
Episode 30: Stop the Presses, I Want to Get Off
Episode 29: Horse and Buggy Martin
Episode 28: Martin Meets His Match
Episode 27: Our Notorious Landlady
Episode 26: Virus M for Martin
Episode 25: Doggone Martin
Episode 24: When You Get Back Home to Mars, Are You Going to Get It
Episode 23: When a Martian Makes His Violin Cry
Episode 22: Butterball
Episode 21: Martin the Mannequin
Episode 20: Man From Uncle Martin
Episode 19: TV or Not TV
Episode 18: Martin's Revoltin' Development
Episode 17: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Episode 16: Who's Got a Secret?
Episode 15: The O'Hara Caper
Episode 14: Lorelei Brown vs. Everybody
Episode 13: Tim and Tim Again
Episode 12: Avenue C Mob
Episode 11: The Time Machine is Waking Up That Old Gang of Mine
Episode 10: Girl in the Flying Machine
Episode 9: Hate Me a Little
Episode 8: Bottled Martin
Episode 7: Martin Goldfinger
Episode 6: Tim, the Mastermind
Episode 5: I'd Rather Fight Than Switch
Episode 4: Keep Me from the Church on Time
Episode 3: Martin of the Movies
Episode 2: Go West, Young Martian (2)
Episode 1: Go West, Young Martian (1)
Episode 38: Portrait in Brown
Episode 37: Time Out for Martin
Episode 36: El Senor from Mars
Episode 35: The Green Eyed Martian
Episode 34: A Martian's Sonata in Mrs. B's Flat
Episode 33: The Martian's Fair Hobo
Episode 32: Martin's Favorite Martian
Episode 31: Never Trust a Naked Martian
Episode 30: 006 3/4
Episode 29: Uncle Martin's Bedtime Story
Episode 28: Once Upon a Martian Mother's Day
Episode 27: Uncle Baby
Episode 26: We Love You, Miss Pringle
Episode 25: The Magnetic Personality and Who Needs It
Episode 24: Stop or I'll Steam
Episode 23: Gone but Not Forgotten
Episode 22: Crash Diet
Episode 21: Humbug, Mrs. Brown
Episode 20: A Martian Fiddles Around
Episode 19: Uncle Martin and the Identified Flying Object
Episode 18: Martin Report #1
Episode 17: Gesundheit, Uncle Martin
Episode 16: How're Things in Glocca Martin?
Episode 15: The Case of the Missing Sleuth
Episode 14: Won't You Come Home, Uncle Martin, Won't You Come Home?
Episode 13: To Make a Rabbit Stew- First Catch a Martian
Episode 12: Night Life of Uncle Martin
Episode 11: Don't Rain on My Parade
Episode 10: Has Anybody Seen My Electro-Magnetic Neutron Converting Gravitator?
Episode 9: Double Trouble
Episode 8: The Great Brain Robbery
Episode 7: My Uncle the Folk Singer
Episode 6: Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!
Episode 5: Dial M for Martin
Episode 4: Nothing but the Truth
Episode 3: Three to Make Ready
Episode 2: The Memory Pill
Episode 1: Dreaming Can Make It So
Episode 37: Uncle Martin's Wisdom Tooth
Episode 36: A Nose for News
Episode 35: Shake Well and Don't Use
Episode 34: The Disastro-nauts
Episode 33: Oh, My Aching Antenna
Episode 32: Who's Got the Power?
Episode 31: Miss Jekyll and Hyde
Episode 30: How Are You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?
Episode 29: Unidentified Flying Uncle Martin
Episode 28: If You Can't Lick Them
Episode 27: Danger! High Voltage!
Episode 26: Martin and the Eternal Triangle
Episode 25: The Sinkable Mrs. Brown
Episode 24: Super-Duper Snooper
Episode 23: An Old, Old Friend of the Family
Episode 22: Uncle Martin's Broadcast
Episode 21: Hitchhike to Mars
Episode 20: My Nephew the Artist
Episode 19: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Episode 18: Who Am I?
Episode 17: Going, Going, Gone
Episode 16: Rx for Martian
Episode 15: Poor Little Rich Cat
Episode 14: Blood is Thicker than the Martian
Episode 13: How to Be a Hero Without Really Trying
Episode 12: That Little Old Matchmaker, Martin
Episode 11: The Atom Misers
Episode 10: Raffles No. 2
Episode 9: Rocket to Mars
Episode 8: The Awful Truth
Episode 7: A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine and Peaches
Episode 6: The Man on the Couch
Episode 5: Man or Amoeba
Episode 4: Russians R in Season
Episode 3: There is No Cure for the Common Martian
Episode 2: The Matchmakers
Episode 1: My Favorite Martin