My Cat From Hell (2011)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: From spastic cats that break up relationships to violent felines that put their owners in the hospital, cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy has seen it all. Follow Jackson as he brings his unique understanding of cats to desperate families on the verge of giving up on their furry companions. Read More



Episode 12: Philly's Forgotten Cats
Episode 11: Sister Smackdown
Episode 10: My Pup From Hell
Episode 9: Guilt Stricken Guardian
Episode 8: Baby the Bully
Episode 7: My Therapy Cat Needs Therapy
Episode 6: Meow Mates
Episode 5: Lucifer the Cat
Episode 4: Fluffy's Last Stand
Episode 3: Ferocious Foster
Episode 2: Pee Battle
Episode 1: Posey the Terror
Episode 12: Cats In Isolation
Episode 11: Good Kitty, Bad Kitty
Episode 10: Bad Max
Episode 9: Bully Cat
Episode 8: A Scratch From The Past
Episode 7: Jekyll And Hyde Cat
Episode 6: Mojito Cat
Episode 5: Kitten Impossible: Roadtrip Rescue
Episode 4: Feral Shop Cat
Episode 3: Nightmare on Cat Street
Episode 2: Mayday! Mayday!
Episode 1: Scout's Honor
Episode 10: A Brave New Cat World
Episode 9: Felines And Frenemies?
Episode 8: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Scar
Episode 7: Gotham Feral Cats
Episode 6: Brooklyn Cat Fight
Episode 5: Breaking Bald
Episode 4: Scary Tails
Episode 3: Four Blind Cats / My Cat From Heaven
Episode 2: Katrina Storms In
Episode 1: Crazy Cat Opens Doors
Episode 10: Paranormal Cat-Tivity
Episode 9: Woody The Killer Kitty
Episode 8: Loves Bites!
Episode 7: Happily Never After
Episode 6: Psychic Disconnect
Episode 5: Fat Elvis
Episode 4: Bad Cat Karma
Episode 3: Real Housecat Of Orange County
Episode 2: Darkness Comes Knocking
Episode 1: My Boyfriend Vs. My Cat
Episode 7: Chloe the Bully
Episode 6: Appetite for Destruction
Episode 5: When the Fat Lady Sings
Episode 4: Reese the Ripper
Episode 3: Godzilla Attacks!
Episode 2: Scared to Laugh
Episode 1: Hungry Like the Wolf
Episode 10: Demon Cat
Episode 9: Multi-Million-Dollar Nightmare
Episode 8: Mama Mia!
Episode 7: 911, My Cat’s Holding Me Hostage!
Episode 6: Puma on the Rampage
Episode 5: Einstein Hates Izzy
Episode 4: Stalking Miss Daisy
Episode 3: Surprise Attack Cat!
Episode 2: Blood Thirsty
Episode 1: Sky Dive Nightmare
Episode 17: Where Are They Meow?
Episode 16: Crazy Daisy
Episode 15: Devil Cat
Episode 14: Evil Kashmir
Episode 13: Buddha Bullies Hector
Episode 12: Max Hates My Family
Episode 11: My Cat Ruined My Wedding
Episode 10: Cat Horror Show
Episode 9: Bea Hates CeCe
Episode 8: Chubs
Episode 7: The White Tornado
Episode 6: Graveyard Of Peed On Things
Episode 5: Macho Cat
Episode 4: Feral Scottish Fold
Episode 3: Penny Hates Puck
Episode 2: Roommates From Hell
Episode 1: Deaf, Blind, and Biting
Episode 10: Bitten
Episode 9: Big Boi Ruins Our Social Life
Episode 8: My Cat Is A Bully
Episode 7: My Cat Eats Everything!
Episode 6: Cat Escape!
Episode 5: Roscoe The Menace
Episode 4: Kitty Jail
Episode 3: Kitty Dearest
Episode 2: My Cat Or My Family
Episode 1: Cat Fight!
Episode 6: Spitting Mad
Episode 5: Cat Fight!
Episode 4: Pissed Off!
Episode 3: On the War Path
Episode 2: Mad Max
Episode 1: Terrorizing My Clients
Episode 3: Wildcat!
Episode 2: Fifi's Ruining My Love Life
Episode 1: He Hates My Boyfriend