Music's Greatest Mysteries (2020)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: An investigation of the most unique and enigmatic stories in the history of music covering topics that have altered or elevated the world of music, while highlighting the colorful characters that have indelibly changed the course of music history. Read More



Episode 12: Episode 12
Episode 11: Episode 11
Episode 10: Episode 10
Episode 9: Episode 9
Episode 8: Devil Horns, Tupac and a Legendary Muse
Episode 7: Tragedy, Rivalry and Secrecy
Episode 6: Desperate, Dissed and Goddess
Episode 5: Satanic, Immortal and Narc
Episode 4: Vicious, Kissed and Undercover
Episode 3: Death, Warnings and Rivalry
Episode 2: CIA, Impersonator and Insult
Episode 1: Trigger, Cursed and Fate