Murder Most Horrid (1991)


Genre: Comedy , Crime , Mystery

Plot: First aired in 1991, Murder Most Horrid has become a classic Dawn French comedy. As various characters, Dawn French embarks on a different mystery every episode - but they're not to be taken too seriously. In some way or another she is involved with murder - either committing the crime herself, or even getting bumped off herself! Read More



Episode 6: Dinner at Tiffany's
Episode 5: Elvis, Jesus and Zack
Episode 4: Confessions of a Murderer
Episode 3: Whoopi Stone
Episode 2: Going Solo
Episode 1: Frozen
Episode 6: Dead on Time
Episode 5: Confess
Episode 4: The Body Politic
Episode 3: Dying Live
Episode 2: A Life or Death Operation
Episode 1: Girl Friday
Episode 6: Smashing Bird
Episode 5: Mangez Merveillac
Episode 4: We All Hate Granny
Episode 3: A Severe Case of Death
Episode 2: Lady Luck
Episode 1: Overkill
Episode 6: Mrs Hat and Mrs Red
Episode 5: Murder at Tea Time
Episode 4: A Determined Woman
Episode 3: He Died a Death
Episode 2: The Girl from Ipanema
Episode 1: The Case of the Missing