Mr. Bean (1990)


Plot: Mr. Bean is a comedy show about a man whose whole life is one funny situation after another. He hardly talks, but words are not needed. Everything he does is funny. From playing golf, going to the dentist, and going to church. Mr. Bean is a grown man, but he acts like a child. He has a stuffed bear named Teddy that he carries around with him all the time. This show is full of laugh after laugh! Read More



Episode 14: Hair by Mr. Bean of London
Episode 13: Goodnight Mr. Bean
Episode 12: Tee Off, Mr. Bean
Episode 11: Back to School Mr. Bean
Episode 10: Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean
Episode 9: Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean
Episode 8: Mr. Bean in Room 426
Episode 7: Merry Christmas Mr. Bean
Episode 6: Mr. Bean Rides Again
Episode 5: The Trouble with Mr. Bean
Episode 4: Mr. Bean Goes to Town
Episode 3: The Curse of Mr. Bean
Episode 2: The Return of Mr. Bean
Episode 1: Mr. Bean