Most Evil (2006)


Genre: Documentary , Crime

Plot: Most Evil is an American forensics television program on Investigation Discovery presented by forensic psychiatrist Michael Stone of Columbia University. On the show, Stone rates murderers on a scale of evil that Stone himself has developed. The show features profiles on various murderers, serial killers, mass murderers and psychopaths. Read More



Episode 20: In Pursuit of Evil
Episode 19: Face to Face
Episode 18: The Killer's Brain
Episode 17: Gangs
Episode 16: Redemption
Episode 15: Women
Episode 14: Vampires/Cannibals
Episode 13: Schemers
Episode 12: Super Delusional
Episode 11: Manson
Episode 10: Cult Leaders
Episode 9: Revenge
Episode 8: Masterminds
Episode 7: Attention Seekers
Episode 6: Spree Killers
Episode 5: Cult Followers
Episode 4: Unsolved Cases
Episode 3: Delusional
Episode 2: Stalker
Episode 1: Jealousy
Episode 8: Up Close
Episode 7: Science of Murder
Episode 6: Deadly Desires
Episode 5: Psychotic Killers
Episode 4: Partners in Crime
Episode 3: Murderous Women
Episode 2: Cold-Blooded Killers
Episode 1: Killer Lies