Monsters and Mysteries in America (2013)


Genre: Documentary , Mystery , Horror

Plot: From all across the country emerge tales of close encounters with legendary creatures, from horrific monsters and ancient spirits to alien sightings and unexplained paranormal phenomena. Thirty percent of Americans believe that a beast such as Bigfoot is living in our forests; in a quaint Montana town, reports of an elusive lake serpent have persisted every year since 1889; last year, UFO sightings were reported in 36 of 50 states in one week alone. Featuring first-person accounts with everyday people who believe they have come face to face with real-life folktale fiends, MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES IN AMERICA travels our country's untamed wilderness to tell of its storied past. Read More



Episode 10: The John Keel Files Special
Episode 8: Spottsville Monster, Tornado Phantoms, Mantis Man
Episode 1: Men in Black
Episode 12: UFO Bigfoot, Lake Pepin Monster, Cajun Werewolf
Episode 11: Melonheads, Devil Monkey, Blue Albino Woman
Episode 10: The Rake, Sykesville Monster, Lechuza
Episode 9: Abduction No. 1, Aliens Cloned My Husband, Alien Matrix
Episode 8: Flying Humanoid, Jersey Devil, Batsquatch
Episode 7: Green-Clawed Beast, Big Muddy Monster, Ohio Grassman
Episode 6: Skunk Ape, Pascagoula Aliens, Lizard Man
Episode 5: Bigfoot Wars, Evil Gnome, Hell Hound
Episode 4: Wolfman, Dogman, Wendigo
Episode 3: Momo, Shadow People, Van Meter Visitor
Episode 2: Pukwudgie, Aliens, Dover Demon
Episode 1: Goat Man, Zombie Soldiers, Chupacabra
Episode 6: Desert Wasteland
Episode 5: The Swamp
Episode 4: Badlands
Episode 3: Ozarks
Episode 2: Pacific Northwest
Episode 1: Appalachia