Moesha (1996)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Family

Plot: "Moesha" is a sitcom (which, in later years, took more of a dramatic turn) that follows the life and times of a black teenager living in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles, CA. For years since her mother died, Moesha Mitchell has taken care of her father Frank and younger brother Myles. So when a teacher at her school, Dee, marries Frank, Moesha feels her territory being encroached upon by a new step mother. As time went on, the two females of the house would learn to appreciate and cherish each other's presence. Moesha's boy-crazy best friends Kim and Niecy as well as her eternally hungry neighbor and pal Hakeem are there to support Mo throughout all of the drama she finds herself in--and there's always plenty. Andell, a local smoothie shop owner, is another close confidante of Moesha's, lending her wisdom to the teen when needed. Over the years, it was Frank who Moesha would clash with most. He has quite a hard time witnessing his "pumpkin" grow up, and often hates her boyfriends, most notably Q. After graduating from high school, Moesha attends classes at "Cal U" with Hakeem and Niecy, and back at home, the entire family struggles with a startling revelation about Moesha's cousin, Dorian. Read More



Episode 22: Paying the Piper
Episode 21: Graduation Day
Episode 20: Creepin'
Episode 19: Mayhem at the Jam
Episode 18: Saving Private Rita
Episode 17: Scary Marriage
Episode 16: What if...?
Episode 15: That's My Mama
Episode 14: Mom
Episode 13: Run, Mo, Run
Episode 12: All Grown Up
Episode 11: The Player
Episode 10: All This and Turkey, Too
Episode 9: Definitely Not the Cosbys
Episode 8: The Candidate
Episode 7: The Nutty Moesha
Episode 6: Just the Two of Us
Episode 5: You Say He's Just a Friend
Episode 4: Living in Paradise?
Episode 3: Netcam
Episode 2: Bad Company
Episode 1: On the Rebound
Episode 22: D-Money Loses His Patience
Episode 21: Arriving Right on Q
Episode 20: The Robbing Hood
Episode 19: Something About Moesha
Episode 18: Gimme a Break
Episode 17: The Matchmaker
Episode 16: Family Affair
Episode 15: Color Him Father
Episode 14: Secrets & Lies
Episode 13: Let's Talk About Sex
Episode 12: He Doth Protest Too Much
Episode 11: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Episode 10: Thanksgiving
Episode 9: Unappreciated Interest
Episode 8: Isn't She Lovely?
Episode 7: A Den is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Episode 6: Just Above My Head
Episode 5: Not My Pumpkin
Episode 4: Mis-Directed Study
Episode 3: The Party's Over (Here)
Episode 2: Fired Up
Episode 1: Good Vibrations?
Episode 22: I Studied Twelve Years For This?
Episode 21: Independence Day
Episode 20: The Prom
Episode 19: Had to be You
Episode 18: It Takes Two
Episode 17: Girls' Night In
Episode 16: Home is Where the Car Is
Episode 15: I Love Moesha
Episode 14: The Rite Stuff
Episode 13: Ohmigod, Fanatic
Episode 12: Life Imitating Art
Episode 11: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Episode 10: The Crush
Episode 9: A Class Act Christmas
Episode 8: Birth Control
Episode 7: A Terrible Thing Happened on My Tour of College
Episode 6: I Know What You Did in the 3rd Grade
Episode 5: Teacher
Episode 4: Psyche Your Mind
Episode 3: Hello, What's This?
Episode 2: Homecoming
Episode 1: Moesha Meets Brandy
Episode 23: A House is Not a Home
Episode 22: Pajama Jam
Episode 21: Body Language
Episode 20: This Time You've Gone Too Far
Episode 19: Mo's Money, Mo's Money, Mo's Money
Episode 18: Model Employee
Episode 17: She's Back
Episode 16: It's My Paper, And I'll Cry If I Want To
Episode 15: The Short Story
Episode 14: He Ain't Heavy, He's Dee's Brother
Episode 13: Talk of the Town
Episode 12: Double Date
Episode 11: Break It Down
Episode 10: Rhythm and Dues
Episode 9: Halloween Part 1: Kim's Revenge
Episode 8: Keepin' It Real
Episode 7: Use Me Once Shame on You, Use Me Twice I'll Kill You
Episode 6: The Play Scene
Episode 5: My Mom's Not an Ottoman
Episode 4: Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number
Episode 3: Day One
Episode 2: (Grand)Poppa Don't Take No Mess
Episode 1: Labor Day Jammy
Episode 24: Prom Fright
Episode 23: Cold Busted
Episode 22: For Better or Worse
Episode 21: Hakeem's Birthday
Episode 20: Songs in the Key of Strife
Episode 19: Strike a Pose
Episode 18: Back to Africa
Episode 17: Who Moved the Charity Stripe?
Episode 16: Break a Leg
Episode 15: Mentor
Episode 14: Guess Q's Coming to Dinner
Episode 13: Road Trip
Episode 12: There's No Place Like the Mitchell Home
Episode 11: The Regulations of Love
Episode 10: A Concerted Effort (2)
Episode 9: A Concerted Effort (1)
Episode 8: Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Look-- Clarkzilla!
Episode 7: Women are from Mars, Men are from Saturn
Episode 6: Labels
Episode 5: The Whistle Blower
Episode 4: Basket Case
Episode 3: Mama Said Knock You Out
Episode 2: Credit Card
Episode 1: The List
Episode 14: Hakeem's New Flame
Episode 13: Baby Love
Episode 12: Mother's Day
Episode 11: The Ditch Party
Episode 10: Reunion
Episode 9: Niece
Episode 8: Job
Episode 7: Chain, Chain, Chain
Episode 6: Driving Miss Moesha
Episode 5: Million Boy March
Episode 4: Hakeem Owes Moesha Big
Episode 3: Sixteen
Episode 2: Friends
Episode 1: Pilot