Miz & Mrs (2018)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Fans are given an unfiltered look at a wrestling power couple as they adapt to becoming first-time parents while juggling their fast-paced lifestyle. Read More



Episode 20: Mizectomy
Episode 19: The Mizanins Go Fishing
Episode 18: Mizaninversary
Episode 17: Mizsteaks and Weiners
Episode 16: Dating and Mating
Episode 15: Mike's Man Cave
Episode 14: An Olympic Failure
Episode 13: Fear Of Miz-ing Out
Episode 12: Dirt Sheet Duo Rides Again
Episode 11: Miz-ter Mom
Episode 10: The "IT" Family of Four
Episode 9: Mizanin Family Tradition
Episode 8: Baby Moon or Bust
Episode 7: Mr. Miz to the Rescue
Episode 6: Mike 'The Miz' Day
Episode 5: Driving Miz Crazy
Episode 4: A Star Isn't Born
Episode 3: Baby Gender Miztery
Episode 2: Miz Little Lies
Episode 1: Monroe's First Wrestlemania
Episode 20: IT Couple in LA
Episode 19: French Invasion
Episode 18: Renaissance Miz
Episode 17: Heel No More
Episode 16: Miz Proofing
Episode 15: Cheese Wheel of Miz-fortune
Episode 14: Miz Fest
Episode 13: Miz's First Pitch
Episode 12: It's A Miz-Tery
Episode 11: Three Dudes and a Baby
Episode 10: Shop 'Til You Draft
Episode 9: Miz & Maryse Alone Time
Episode 8: Mr. Mizanin's Neighborhood
Episode 7: Baby's First Summerslam
Episode 6: Cowboy Miz
Episode 5: Road Trip Mania
Episode 4: Proud Papa
Episode 3: Certified Superdad
Episode 2: Miz Takes the Cake