Mixology (2014)


Genre: Comedy , Romance

Plot: One bar. One night. Ten single people. Welcome to Mix, a high-end bar in Manhattan's trendy meat-packing district. Recently dumped by his fiancé, Tom hasn't been out on the town in a decade. His best friends, handsome and confident Cal and fast-talking Bruce, are throwing Tom back into the dating pool whether he likes it or not. Tom's first encounter is with Maya, an attorney who's as beautiful as she is brutal. Before long, Tom is in tears. After that, it only gets worse. Rounding out Mix's chic crowd is Maya's engaged-for-now friend Liv; aggressive single mom Jessica; her younger, naive sister Janey; bubbly cocktail waitress Kacey; dark, mysterious bartender Dominic; and failed internet entrepreneur Ron, who's drunk and having the worst night of his life. Each episode will highlight two characters meeting for the first time. Read More



Episode 13: Closing Time
Episode 12: Last Call
Episode 11: Bruce & Maya
Episode 10: Liv & Jim
Episode 9: Dominic & Kacey
Episode 8: Jessica & Ron
Episode 7: Bruce & Fab
Episode 6: Tom & Maya Part II
Episode 5: Fab & Jessica & Dominic
Episode 4: Cal & Kacey
Episode 3: Bruce & Jessica
Episode 2: Liv & Ron
Episode 1: Tom & Maya