Mister Ed (1961)


Genre: Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Mister Ed (Himself) is a horse who is owned by Wilbur Post (Alan Young). Mister Ed is not just any horse, he talks to Wilbur. But this gets Wilbur in all kinds of trouble because Mister Ed won't talk to anyone else, so Carol (Connie Hines), Wilbur's wife, thinks that Wilbur loves Mister Ed more then he loves her, because he spends so much time with Mister Ed. Mister Ed also talks on the telephone and goes out of his barn to cause mischief, for which Wilbur gets blamed. Read More



Episode 26: My Horse, the Ranger
Episode 25: John Provost Meets Mister Ed
Episode 24: Ed the Artist
Episode 23: Robin Hood Ed
Episode 22: Whiskers and Tails
Episode 21: My Horse, the Mailman
Episode 20: The Bank Robbery
Episode 19: Ed's Cold Tail
Episode 18: The Dragon Horse
Episode 17: Ed's Contact Lenses
Episode 16: Ed the Godfather
Episode 15: Ed's Diction Teacher
Episode 14: Ed the Sentry
Episode 13: Never Ride Horses
Episode 12: Ed the Stowaway
Episode 11: Like Father, Like Horse
Episode 10: Ed's Juice Stand
Episode 9: Ed the Race Horse
Episode 8: What Kind of Foal Am I?
Episode 7: Animal Jury
Episode 6: Ed the Pilot
Episode 5: The Heavy Rider
Episode 4: Tunnel to Freedom
Episode 3: Ed Writes Dear Abby
Episode 2: Ed the Pool Player
Episode 1: Hi-Fi Horse
Episode 26: Moko
Episode 25: Saddles and Gowns
Episode 24: The Prowler
Episode 23: Ed the Musician
Episode 22: Ed the Chauffeur
Episode 21: Mae West Meets Mister Ed
Episode 20: Ol' Swayback
Episode 19: Ed Visits a Gypsy
Episode 18: Ed the Donkey
Episode 17: Ed the Desert Rat
Episode 16: Ed in the Peace Corps
Episode 15: Ed the Shish Kebab
Episode 14: Ed's Dentist
Episode 13: Ed Gets the Mumps
Episode 12: Ed's Christmas Story
Episode 11: Love Thy New Neighbor
Episode 10: Home Sweet Trailer
Episode 9: Taller Than She
Episode 8: Oh, Those Hats!
Episode 7: Getting Ed's Goat
Episode 6: Don't Laugh at Horses
Episode 5: Be Kind to Humans
Episode 4: Patter of Little Hooves
Episode 3: Ed Discovers America
Episode 2: Wilbur Post, Honorary Horse
Episode 1: Leo Durocher Meets Mister Ed
Episode 26: The Blessed Event
Episode 25: Doctor Ed
Episode 24: Ed the Emancipator
Episode 23: Ed the Zebra
Episode 22: The Price of Apples
Episode 21: Wilbur's Father
Episode 20: Working Wives
Episode 19: Ed and the Secret Service
Episode 18: Horse Talk
Episode 17: Unemployment Show
Episode 16: Big Pine Lodge
Episode 15: Ol' Rockin' Chair
Episode 14: Ed and the Bicycle
Episode 13: Horse of a Different Color
Episode 12: Wilbur the Masher
Episode 11: Ed and Paul Revere
Episode 10: Disappearing Horse
Episode 9: Ed the Pilgrim
Episode 8: Horse Party
Episode 7: Wilbur in the Lion's Den
Episode 6: Horse Sense
Episode 5: Ed and the Allergy
Episode 4: The Bashful Clipper
Episode 3: Wilbur and Ed in Showbiz
Episode 2: Wilbur, the Good Samaritan
Episode 1: Ed Gets Amnesia
Episode 26: Ed the Matchmaker
Episode 25: Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed
Episode 24: Lie Detector
Episode 23: Ed the Beachcomber
Episode 22: Ed's New Neighbors
Episode 21: Bald Horse
Episode 20: No Horses Allowed
Episode 19: Ed's Word of Honor
Episode 18: George Burns Meets Mister Ed (a.k.a.) Ed Finally Talks
Episode 17: Ed the Horse Doctor
Episode 16: Horse Wash
Episode 15: Zsa Zsa
Episode 14: Ed the Beneficiary
Episode 13: Ed's Bed
Episode 12: The Wrestler
Episode 11: Ed and the Elephant
Episode 10: Ed, the Salesman
Episode 9: Ed the Hero
Episode 8: Mister Ed's Blues
Episode 7: Hunting Show
Episode 6: Ed the Voter
Episode 5: Ed the Jumper
Episode 4: Ed the Redecorator
Episode 3: Ed's Ancestors
Episode 2: The Horsetronaut
Episode 1: My Son, My Son
Episode 26: Wilbur Sells Ed
Episode 25: Pine Lake Lodge
Episode 24: The Contest
Episode 23: Ed Cries Wolf
Episode 22: The Other Woman
Episode 21: The Mustache
Episode 20: Ed Agrees to Talk
Episode 19: Little Boy
Episode 18: Ed's New Shoes
Episode 17: A Man for Velma
Episode 16: Psychoanalyst Show
Episode 15: Ed the Stoolpigeon
Episode 14: Ed the Songwriter
Episode 13: Ed the Tout
Episode 12: Ed's Mother
Episode 11: Ed the Witness
Episode 10: The Missing Statue
Episode 9: The Aunt
Episode 8: Pageant Show
Episode 7: Ed the Lover
Episode 6: Sorority House
Episode 5: Stable for Three
Episode 4: Kiddy Park
Episode 3: Busy Wife
Episode 2: The Ventriloquist
Episode 1: The First Meeting