Mission: Impossible (1988) (1988)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Crime , Drama , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: In this update of the original 60's series, Peter Graves returns as Jim Phelps, head of the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). Brought out of retirement by the death of his successor and protege, he brings together a team of four skilled operatives and leads them as they travel the globe conducting "impossible" covert missions for the U.S. His new team consists of Nicholas Black, master of disguise; Max Harte, self-trained soldier; Grant Collier, technological genius and son of former IMFer Barney Collier; Casey Randall, femme fatale (and killed in action in episode 1.10), and Shannon Reed, another femme fatale and former newscaster and Secret Service Agent. Read More



Episode 16: The Sands of Seth
Episode 15: Church Bells in Bogota
Episode 14: Gunslinger
Episode 13: The Assassin
Episode 12: Cargo Cult
Episode 11: Deadly Harvest
Episode 10: For Art's Sake
Episode 9: Banshee
Episode 8: The Fuhrer's Children
Episode 7: Target Earth
Episode 6: War Games
Episode 5: Countdown
Episode 4: Command Performance
Episode 3: The Princess
Episode 2: The Golden Serpent (2)
Episode 1: The Golden Serpent (1)
Episode 19: Bayou
Episode 18: Submarine
Episode 17: Reprisal
Episode 16: The Plague
Episode 15: The Devils
Episode 14: Spy
Episode 13: The Fixer
Episode 12: The Fortune
Episode 11: The Greek
Episode 10: The Lions
Episode 9: The Haunting
Episode 8: The Pawn
Episode 7: The Cattle King
Episode 6: The Wall
Episode 5: The Legacy
Episode 4: The Condemned
Episode 3: Holograms
Episode 2: The System
Episode 1: The Killer