Misfits of Science (1985)


Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Sci-fi

Plot: Misfits of Science was a short-lived series that followed the lives of super-powered humans and the obstacles they face in their daily adventures. Each of the humans had different superpowers, from the ability to shrink, to telekinesis, to an ice man, and during their lives they discovered and developed their powers in a way that can be used to do good in the world. Led by Dr. Hayes, a scientist from an American thinktank, the mutant misfits fought crime and through their adventures found the people they were meant to be. Read More



Episode 16: Three Days of the Blender
Episode 15: The Avenging Angel
Episode 14: Against All Oz
Episode 13: Center of Attention
Episode 12: Once Upon a Night
Episode 11: Grand Elusion
Episode 10: Grand Theft Bunny
Episode 9: Twin Engines
Episode 8: Fumble on the One
Episode 7: Steer Crazy
Episode 6: Sonar...And Yet So Far
Episode 5: Sort of Looking For Gina
Episode 4: Lost Link
Episode 3: Guess What's Coming to Dinner?