Miranda (2009)


Plot: Miranda works in her joke shop with her best friend Stevie. She struggles when in social environments and no matter how hard she tries, she is always making a fool of herself, especially in front of her crush Gary. Plus her pushy mother, Penny, is forever trying to find her a suitable husband and turn her into a respectable lady. Read More



Episode 2: The Final Curtain
Episode 1: I Do, But to Who?
Episode 6: A Brief Encounter
Episode 5: Three Little Words
Episode 4: Je Regret Nothing
Episode 3: The Dinner Party
Episode 2: What a Surprise
Episode 1: It Was Panning
Episode 6: The Perfect Christmas
Episode 5: Just Act Normal
Episode 4: A New Low
Episode 3: Let's Do It
Episode 2: Before I Die
Episode 1: The New Me
Episode 6: Dog
Episode 5: Excuse
Episode 4: Holiday
Episode 3: Job
Episode 2: Teacher
Episode 1: Date