Mira, Royal Detective (2020)


Genre: Animation

Plot: The series centers on Mira, who, along with her friend Prince Neel, creative cousin Priya, and comical mongoose sidekicks Mikku and Chikku, takes young viewers on adventures that highlight critical thinking and encourage deductive reasoning. Each episode features two 11-minute stories that celebrate the cultures and customs of India by incorporating authentic storytelling, music, food, fashion, language, art and dance. Read More

Next Episode 2x26 Date: Aug 9th



Episode 25: The Mystery of One Angry Chicken
Episode 20: Mystery in the Sand Dunes
Episode 19: Mystery at the Marketplace
Episode 18: A Patchwork Mystery
Episode 17: The Case of the Chiseling Chiselers
Episode 16: The Case of the Secret Treasure
Episode 15: The Mysterious Polo Player
Episode 14: Mystery at the Cooking Contest
Episode 13: The Mystery of the Secret Gift-Giver
Episode 12: The Marble Egg Mystery
Episode 11: The Mongoose Cousin Mystery
Episode 10: The Case of the Vanishing Vessels
Episode 9: The Case of the Wrecked Recital
Episode 8: Mystery at the Fashion Show
Episode 7: The Undercover Princess Mystery
Episode 6: Mystery at the Camel Fair
Episode 5: The Case of the Dance Off Disaster
Episode 4: The Mystery of the New Kid
Episode 3: Mystery at the Puppet Show
Episode 2: The Case of the Missing Bicycle
Episode 1: The Case of the Royal Scarf