Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (2006)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Go inside the lives of top LA real estate agents as they broker big deals and drama. Read More



Episode 12: Hollywood Royalty
Episode 11: One for the 'Gram
Episode 10: Medieval Time Machine
Episode 9: Swedish Invasion
Episode 8: 24 Hours or Else
Episode 7: Flagg It or Bag It
Episode 6: Ze Plane, Ze Plane!
Episode 5: Storm the Castle
Episode 4: Altman Versus Fredrik
Episode 3: Rock and a Hard Price
Episode 2: Razor's Edge
Episode 1: Altman and Flagg's Co-List
Episode 12: Indecent Proposal
Episode 11: Dubai It
Episode 10: Naked in the Backyard
Episode 9: Hell or High Water
Episode 8: Brother Dearest
Episode 7: Failure to Launch
Episode 6: Pony Up
Episode 5: Send It to Viral
Episode 4: Rumble In The 90210
Episode 3: Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Episode 2: The Good Fight
Episode 1: The Struggle Is Real
Episode 12: Unfinished Business
Episode 11: Love and Listings
Episode 10: Keys to the Castle
Episode 9: Mile High Club
Episode 8: It Wasn't in My Budget!
Episode 7: Who's Your Daddy?
Episode 6: Homewood's Where the Heart Is
Episode 5: Two Tops Never Work
Episode 4: Hashtag Sell This Bitch!
Episode 3: Unchartered Territory
Episode 2: A Tantalizing Offer
Episode 1: She's A Boss
Episode 12: Best and Final
Episode 11: Co-List From Hell
Episode 10: Surf vs Turf
Episode 9: Turn & Burn
Episode 8: Nightmare on Altman Street
Episode 3: The Upside of Teardowns
Episode 2: Dinner Party Disaster
Episode 9: Reality Bites
Episode 8: All Business, No Pleasure
Episode 5: Flagg vs. Serhant
Episode 2: English Beat Down
Episode 1: The Lads Take L.A.
Episode 10: Closing Deals and Opening Doors
Episode 9: Big Listings, Big Losses
Episode 8: Shark Out of Water
Episode 7: Broker Blowout
Episode 6: Sacked By the Money Man
Episode 5: No Crying in Real Estate
Episode 4: Let's (Not) Make a Deal
Episode 3: I Got the Listing and I Got the Girl
Episode 2: Betrayal Between Brokers
Episode 1: Ballooning Assets
Episode 9: Good Buys and Goodbyes
Episode 8: Betrayal in the Real Estate Biz
Episode 7: Going to the Dogs
Episode 6: Billionaire Buyer
Episode 5: Sleeping with the Enemy
Episode 4: Sparks Fly
Episode 3: Seeing Double
Episode 2: No Guarantees in the Real Estate Game
Episode 1: Bad Market for Mansions
Episode 9: Busted Dreams and Busted Homes
Episode 8: In Real Estate Everything's Personal
Episode 7: Million Dollar Wild Swan Chase
Episode 6: Sweet Deals and Icing on the Cake
Episode 5: Looking to Score in Malibu
Episode 4: Jumping Through Hoops for a Signature
Episode 3: Dolphins, Rats and Next Door Neighbors
Episode 2: Big Numbers, Small Deals
Episode 1: No One is Recession-Proof
Episode 6: Epiphanies
Episode 5: Showdowns
Episode 4: Dire Buyers
Episode 3: Business and Pleasure
Episode 2: Mondo Condo
Episode 1: Sellers from Hell
Episode 6: Three's a Crowd
Episode 5: Relationship Negotiation
Episode 4: Deals, Discounts and Potential Disaster
Episode 3: Trouble in Paradise
Episode 2: Co-Listers Can't Be Choosers
Episode 1: The Ultimate Luxury Playground