Mike the Knight (2011)


Genre: Animation , Family

Plot: The series is about 10-year-old Mike whose father, the King, is a knight who is away exploring other lands. Looking up to his father, Mike wants to be a knight too. However, he is still a knight-in-training. With his two dragon friends, Sparkie and Squirt; his sister, witch-in-training, Evie; and his horse, Galahad, Mike tries to be the bravest knight of all. Throughout his adventures, he learns from the mistakes he makes - eventually realising, in every episode, how to 'be a knight - and do it right!' Read More



Episode 52: Sneezing Reindeer
Episode 51: Viking Snow Day
Episode 50: Busiest Day
Episode 49: Jewel of Glendragon
Episode 48: Magic Pot
Episode 47: Favour for Trollee
Episode 46: The Monster
Episode 45: Knightly Welcome
Episode 44: The Great Protector
Episode 43: Lost Pots
Episode 42: Flying Corgis
Episode 41: Troll Treat Pie
Episode 40: The Real Dragon
Episode 39: Polka Dot Horse
Episode 38: The Greatest Story Ever
Episode 37: Wild Boar
Episode 36: Sir Super
Episode 35: The Most Medals
Episode 34: Sparkie's Amazing Thing
Episode 33: The Great Rescue
Episode 32: Triple Trophy Triumph
Episode 31: Wizard's Treasure
Episode 30: Big Swap
Episode 29: New Castle
Episode 28: Big Parade
Episode 27: The Knightly Campout
Episode 26: Santa's Little Helper
Episode 25: Snow Dragon
Episode 24: Real Sword
Episode 23: Many Knights
Episode 22: Mighty Shield
Episode 21: Mission Home
Episode 20: Squirt's Story
Episode 19: Knight Hider
Episode 18: Glendragon News
Episode 17: The Dragon Squires
Episode 16: Mission Mess
Episode 15: Peace and Quiet
Episode 14: Great Gallop
Episode 13: Sir Trollee
Episode 12: Tricky Trail
Episode 11: Scary Dragons
Episode 10: Buried Treasure
Episode 9: Trollee in Trouble
Episode 8: The Special Signal
Episode 7: The Scary Noise
Episode 6: Galahad The Great
Episode 5: Trollee's Sleepover
Episode 4: Fluttering Favour
Episode 3: Invisible Monster
Episode 2: Evie's Birthday Present
Episode 1: Smiley Treasure