Meerkat Manor (2006)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Meerkat Manor is a British television programme produced by Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet International that premiered in September 2005 and ran for four series until its cancellation in August 2008. Blending more traditional animal documentary style footage with dramatic narration, the series told the story of the Whiskers, one of more than a dozen families of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert being studied as part of the Kalahari Meerkat Project, a long-term field study into the ecological causes and evolutionary consequences of the cooperative nature of meerkats. The original programme was narrated by Bill Nighy, with the narration redubbed by Mike Goldman for the Australian airings and Sean Astin for the American broadcasts. The fourth series, subtitled The Next Generation, saw Stockard Channing replacing Astin as the narrator in the American dubbing. Meerkat Manor premiered in the United Kingdom on 12 September 2005, and the first 13-episode series concluded on 24 October 2005. With the success of the programme in the United Kingdom, Animal Planet started broadcasting it on its national channels in Australia, Canada, and the US. It has since been rebroadcast in more than 160 other countries. The fourth, and final, series aired initially in the United States from 6 June 2008 to 22 August 2008; it aired in the United Kingdom in April 2009. In August 2009, it was reported that the programme had been cancelled. Read More



Episode 13: The Darkest Day
Episode 12: Home Alone
Episode 11: The Rovers Return
Episode 10: The Birds
Episode 9: To The Manor Born
Episode 8: Divided We Fall
Episode 7: The Bodyguard
Episode 6: Great Expectations
Episode 5: The Mark of Zorro
Episode 4: The Family Way
Episode 3: Rising Star
Episode 2: All Manor of Love
Episode 1: To Have and To Have Not
Episode 13: Family at War
Episode 12: The Graduate
Episode 11: Three Degrees of Separation
Episode 10: Farewell, My Lovely
Episode 9: A New Day
Episode 8: Journey's End
Episode 7: Heavy the Crown
Episode 6: Sibling Rivalry
Episode 5: The Tale of Ren and Stumpy
Episode 4: The Death of Romance
Episode 3: Sister Act
Episode 2: The Mission
Episode 1: On Dangerous Ground
Episode 13: The Killing Fields
Episode 12: The Godmother
Episode 11: Growing Pains
Episode 10: The Balance of Power
Episode 9: The Art of Leadership
Episode 8: The Enemy Within
Episode 7: United We Stand
Episode 6: When Flower Met Hannibal
Episode 5: No Place like Home
Episode 4: The Iron Lady
Episode 3: Young Blood
Episode 2: The Three Amigos
Episode 1: Cold Comfort
Episode 13: Moving On
Episode 12: The Calm Before the Storm
Episode 11: An Awfully Big Adventure
Episode 10: Flower Power
Episode 9: Daisy's Choice
Episode 8: The Good, the Bad and the Desperate
Episode 7: Divided Loyalties
Episode 6: Boys Will Be Boys
Episode 5: Childhood's End
Episode 4: Revolution
Episode 3: Some Like It Hot
Episode 2: Love Thy Neighbor
Episode 1: A Family Affair