McMillan and Wife (1971)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller

Plot: Police Commissioner Stewart McMillan of San Francisco is a man with ponderous responsibilities. By good fortune, his wife Sally is something of a genius. They live in the city and have a shrewd housekeeper named Mildred, who is as often as not at odds with her slightly distraught sister Agatha. McMillan's duties require him to intervene personally when circumstances warrant in police cases, and here he is aided by the saturnine but enthusiastic Sgt. Enright. The commissioner's mother, Beatrice McMillan, a brilliant person, independent-minded and a very fast driver, breezes through now and again. In the last season, two of the actors have departed, and the show is renamed McMillan. Directors: Daniel Petrie, Hy Averback, Lee H. Katzin, etc. Read More



Episode 6: Have You Heard About Vanessa?
Episode 5: Affair of the Heart
Episode 4: Coffee, Tea or Cyanide?
Episode 3: Philip's Game
Episode 2: Dark Sunrise
Episode 1: All Bets Off
Episode 7: Point of Law
Episode 6: Greed
Episode 5: The Deadly Cure
Episode 4: Secrets for Sale
Episode 3: Aftershock
Episode 2: Requiem for a Bride
Episode 1: Deadly Inheritance
Episode 6: Love, Honor and Swindle
Episode 5: Night Train to L.A.
Episode 4: Guilt by Association
Episode 3: Buried Alive
Episode 2: The Game of Survival
Episode 1: Downshift to Danger
Episode 6: Cross & Double Cross
Episode 5: Reunion in Terror
Episode 4: The Man Without a Face
Episode 3: Freefall to Terror
Episode 2: The Devil You Say
Episode 1: Death of a Monster...Birth of a Legend
Episode 7: Two Dollars on Trouble to Win
Episode 6: The Fine Art of Staying Alive
Episode 5: No Hearts, No Flowers
Episode 4: Terror Times Two
Episode 3: Cop of the Year
Episode 2: Blues for Sally M.
Episode 1: Night of the Wizard
Episode 7: An Elementary Case of Murder
Episode 6: Till Death Do Us Part
Episode 5: The Face of Murder
Episode 4: Death is a Seven Point Favorite
Episode 3: Husbands, Wives and Killers
Episode 2: The Easy Sunday Murder Case
Episode 1: Murder by the Barrel