Max Headroom (1987)


Genre: Comedy , Sci-fi

Plot: Max Headroom is a British-produced American satirical science fiction television series by Chrysalis Visual Programming and Lakeside Productions for Lorimar-Telepictures that aired in the United States on ABC from March 1987 to May 1988. The series was based on the Channel 4 British TV pilot produced by Chrysalis, Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future. The series is often mistaken as an American-produced show due to the setting and its use of an almost entirely US cast along with being broadcast in the USA on the ABC network. Cinemax aired the UK pilot followed by a six-week run of highlights from The Max Headroom Show, a music video show where Headroom appears between music videos. ABC took an interest in the pilot and asked Chrysalis/Lakeside to produce the series for US audiences. The show went into production in late 1986 and ran for six episodes in the first season with eight being produced in season two. Read More



Episode 8: Baby Grobags
Episode 7: Lessons
Episode 6: Neurostim
Episode 5: Whackets
Episode 4: Dream Thieves
Episode 3: Grossberg's Return
Episode 2: Deities
Episode 1: Academy
Episode 6: The Blanks
Episode 5: War
Episode 4: Security Systems
Episode 3: Body Banks
Episode 2: Rakers
Episode 1: Blipverts