Masterminds (2003)


Genre: Documentary , Crime

Plot: Masterminds was a true crime documentary television series produced in Canada with truTV. As of February 2011, the program is broadcast on History Television and Global TV in Canada and truTV in the United States. Each 30 minute episode features one true crime story. The profiled crimes generally involve large sums of cash or merchandise and, more important, extremely unique and/or elaborate methods of criminal operation which were never before seen by law enforcement agencies. With a few notable exceptions, most criminals profiled in this series were caught within a couple of years of committing their crime. Read More



Episode 16: The Invisible Man
Episode 15: Fashion Crime
Episode 14: The Highway Bandit
Episode 13: Cleaning House
Episode 12: Motorcycle Bandit
Episode 11: The Art of Double Dealing
Episode 10: Off the Rack
Episode 9: The Great Escape
Episode 8: The Highway Robber
Episode 7: The Berlin Heist
Episode 6: Money Bags
Episode 5: Maid in the Shade
Episode 4: Stealing Vegas
Episode 3: The Social Register Gang
Episode 2: Halloween Heist
Episode 1: The Air Cargo Millions
Episode 13: The Superthief
Episode 12: The Disappearing Man
Episode 11: The Memorial Day Heist
Episode 10: Air America
Episode 9: The Jewelry Show Job
Episode 8: Slot Machine Genius
Episode 7: The Cairo Caper
Episode 6: The Silver Bandit
Episode 5: The Kansas City Diamond Heist
Episode 4: The Friday Night Robber
Episode 3: Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief
Episode 2: The Dublin Job
Episode 1: James Bond Gang
Episode 15: The Riviera Job
Episode 14: King of Car Thieves
Episode 13: The Stopwatch Heist
Episode 12: A Day at the Races
Episode 11: Harn
Episode 10: The Perfect Score
Episode 9: The Hotel Pierre Heist
Episode 8: Art Fraud
Episode 7: A Smuggler Supreme
Episode 6: The Laguna Niguel Heist
Episode 5: Double Crossed
Episode 4: Man Called Hollywood
Episode 3: The Knightsbridge Heist
Episode 2: The Dunbar Heist
Episode 1: The Anthon Forgeries