Married to the Kellys (2003)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: When Tom married Susan he thought he was only getting a new wife. He never even considered that he would be getting a brand new family as well. Included in this new family are mother Sandy, the rule-maker of the house, and father Bill, once an only child, who could be the one person Tom can relate to the most. There's also Susan's competitive sister Mary and her husband Chris, who considers himself Bill and Sandy's favorite son-in-law and finds Tom as somewhat of a threat. And finally there's Susan's brother Lewis, a shy and awkward young man who has made a career of collecting bugs. Other family members who occasionally dropped by included Uncle Dave, the big-shot of the family, and Lisa, the youngest daughter who wants to back-pack around Europe and become an art major. Read More



Episode 22: Kansas v. Tom's Parents
Episode 21: The Good Son-in-Law
Episode 20: The Plan
Episode 19: The Other Sister
Episode 18: Talk Radio
Episode 17: Chris and Mary Fight
Episode 16: Double Dating
Episode 15: Lewis Turns Twenty-Fun
Episode 14: A Portrait of Susan
Episode 13: The Contractor
Episode 12: Whose Pants Are Smarter?
Episode 11: Tom Doesn't Get It
Episode 10: A Kelly Carol
Episode 9: Susan's Secret
Episode 8: The Apartment
Episode 7: The New Car
Episode 6: Awkward Silence
Episode 5: Tom Makes a Friend
Episode 4: Corrupting Chris
Episode 3: Lewis May Have a Girlfriend
Episode 2: Barbecue
Episode 1: Pilot